Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Curbing Club Costs

First let me apologize to my fellow authors for not posting anything recently, I've been swamped with School work. At our last meeting Moros realized that the costs we were creating as a club were greater than what we were collecting as club dues. Currently we have two costs, renting the space for our games and food & drink for everyone. So we have a few choices and I just wanted to talk about them before 40k day. The possible solutions I see are as follows.
  • Increase club dues to pay for snacks
  • Have a Snack table and pay for everything you eat
  • Have everyone bring something to share with the whole club
  • Bring something for yourself but don't expect people to share with you
Last 40k I made cupcakes for everyone, it was cheap easy and it helped lower the costs for snacks. Seroiusly a bag of cheese curls costs about $1.50, buy two and if everyone buys something of similar cost we can keep the club dues down at a lower price. As always visitors don't need to pay a dime for anything and are not expected to bring a snack to share. To be honest I've planned parties since first grade, have a singup sheet to avoid everyone bringing the same thing and your golden. I'd hate to see something as little as this turn people off to the club but when Moros said we would have to increase club dues on 40k day I was not happy. I understand that things like this can't be avoided though and Moros and Cornelius have been fronting the costs for eveyone, it's expensive to say the least. Tell me what you think we should do in the comments and if you have any different ideas put them there too.


  1. Some good ideas here. I am thinking the idea of if you bring a snack that can be shared by everybody you don't have to pay the snack fee. And if you don't eat anything and bring your own stuff, obviously, you don't pay the snack fee.

    However, the club fee is a constant.If everybody contributes $5 towards it we can pay it off every month. And in all honesty, even if you included the snack free and the club fee together $10 a month is nothing when you compare it to any other club or organization you could join.

    Some good ideas here. I don't want the costs to keep people away honestly, however, I do challenge you to compare it to anything else that you can join in this world. This is one of the best deals you will find. I think $10 a month is totally reasonable.

  2. well, there are 2 issues here. 1. club fee. 2. snacks.

    I agree with the Moros, the club fee should be something constant. Club fee would get you say.. use of club equipment and helps to pay for rental fee of space.

    snacks are up for debate.. i don't like the idea of paying for what you eat... feels too much like a hotel room or a teachers' lounge. I don't want us to have to micromanage the whole thing. its about the people and having fun. I say.. one price or nothing. if people want to bring their own snacks to share, we will appreciate it, but I don't want to be calculating who owes what.


  3. Cornelius I will agree that calculating the price on everything will be tiresome. However, I rather enjoy the current club fee of $5 and I think $10 a month is unjustified since we meet only once a month... as for the use of club equipment we don't really have any other than the unfinished boards. Though I'm of the philosophy that what's mine anyone can use if I'm not using it.

    I suppose we could "sugest" that people bring a snack to share or ask if they can bring something to keep costs down, but offically leave it off the books.

    I do feel as though a more laid back approach to everything is a better way to manage this but the fact remians that someone has to buy food & drink or we won't have any and someone has to pay to rent the space or we won't have it. It's not fair to just hope it will be taken care of, becuase the older more responsible members will end up fronting the bills.

  4. I would agree, we need to get the club equipment up to par to a more justified cost. That is being worked on as we speak.

    We have a lot of plans in the works and soon you should start seeing what the club fee is going towards! If you are willing to work on the boards we would love the help too! Just let me or Brother C. know.