Sunday, June 27, 2010

Necron List for 40k day

For the July 40k day let there be a clash of Necrodermis and Steel! Brother Cornelius I would be delighted to do battle with you I hear you are itching for a rematch. for those who don't know I messed up the we'll be back pretty bad in our last match resulting in me wining, I relinquished the game to Brother C. when I learned of my mistake. Anyway down to business, heres the list. 
My Necron lord with res orb. excuse the bad paint job I am a necron player

Alright so I edited the list and may do a few more modifications. The reason I switched out the immortals for the pariahs is Brother C. and basically everyone else in the club has 2+ Armour. The pariahs don't allow any saves in the assault and also they reduce any enemy unit within 12" to leadership 7, when combined with the deceiver I think they will be a tough nut to crack. I wish that a few members in the club had an army that wasn't entirely fearless.... but with the deceiver has a "spell" that can make an enemy unit take a pinning test or moral test as though they lost 25% of the unit in the shooting phase even if they normally auto pass the test.

Bother C. Speaking of the fearlessness about how many of your normal units are fearless compared to those that aren't?

  • Deceiver- 300pt 
  • Necron Lord with destroyer body and war scythe - 140pt
  • 10 Warriors -180pt
  • 10 Warriors -180pt
  • 10 Warriors 1 with disruption field - 182pt
Fast Attack
  • 3 Destroyers - 150pt
  • 4 Destroyers - 200pt
  • 7 Scarab Swarms all but one with disruption Fields - 108pt
  • 9 Pariahs 324pt
Heavy Support
  • Monolith - 235pt
Total 1999pts

Club members should recognize that I am trying out a few new units, the Deceiver  amongst them. Anyway the list is subject to change should I think of a better way to kill dark Angels. Comment If you have any ideas or suggestions


  1. Lookin' good! My only comment, which you already know what I'm going to say, is that you need the heavy destroyers! I think those things are deadly.

    I know Brother C. likes to run around in armor too, so the long ranged support would be nice.

    I think what it will boil down to is good tactics. In the match that we played I felt that you were too reserved with your warriors. They ended up not doing much cause they were too far back. I would say up the aggression with them!

    I am looking forward to this battle report!

  2. I've done a little research and I think that the monolith will serve me better than three heavy destroyers. The fact is that heavy destroyers are too squishy and if they die, which they will, I'm out of anything that can kill tanks. At least the monolith will soak up quite a few shots even if it gets blown.

  3. I love how forsaken for whatever reason has no confidence in the deceiver. that thing is a beast and can rip through tanks like butter. You shouldn't have any trouble at all snowplowing the Dark Angels with it. of Course, I'm a tough nut to crack than you think.

    I'm wondering.. why immortals?

  4. more necrons for cheaper than the destroyers, and they have better guns than the warriors. They have 24 in assault 2 guns.

  5. That list actually scares me a little. Monoliths are so cheap!

  6. Forsaken. I think you should rethink your pariahs. only getting 9 models for 324pts seems crazy. Plus they are on foot correct? deepstrike?

    it just seems like alot of of point to drop on 9 models.

  7. I hate necrons my friend played them and never lost a match till one day he did lose. The next day he sold all of his models and said "well looks like i am done." I am posting this a Anonymous because i do not have any of the accts that they have as choices. - Isaiah (Imperial Guard)