Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 40k Day


that's right boys and girls, Lancashire Wargames July 40k day is fast approaching. This month the day of reckoning will be Saturday, July 24th from 1pm-8pm. Players of all skill levels are welcome. If you have any interest in finding out more about Warhammer 40k come. We will be doing teaching, assembling, modeling, painting, and playing. Matches are typically 2000pts but we are open to anything players desire to play. We do ask that each person bring 10$. 5$ for the rental fee for the space and 5$ for snacks/drinks/pizza. But come regardless.

As you can see, I'm gearing up my tact squads. These will be my first official painted units. These tacts will be accompanied by robe wearing vets in their squads so you are seeing the beginning stages of 2 tactical squads. i'm going with the Disciples of Caliban paint scheme, green shoulders, boots, chest and helmet; everything else black. As you can see from the vet on the left of the image, I'm also experimenting with green stuff. I'll keep you posted on that progress throughout the upcoming months.

feel free to give me any feedback.

thanks guys and gals, and hope to see you on the 24th.


  1. Lookin' good! I like the green stuff!

    I will be there and I am callin' out the eldar! If I can get in 2 matches I want to take on the Blood Angels also!

    Cya there all!

  2. Moros, you are going down!!! No probably not. But yea, I need help putting detail on my Blood Angels. All I have is the base coat so far.

  3. Oh yea and Brother C. I still am not an author on the blog.