Tuesday, July 20, 2010

40k Stop motion Done Right

Mini Wargaming is one of my favorite war-gaming websites and they recently put out a series of stop videos without any real purpose other than being a narrative. So enjoy and check youtube for more, there were three videos at the time this was posted.

But there was a reason I posted this. Can we PLEASE do this lol. I know Moros and Brother C. have some stories already written up that would make very awesome stories.


  1. I literally spit soda on my screen when they shot the first guy! LOL that was amazing!

  2. I was thinking we could do something like this but to represent an event In a game. Like the many battle reports you did vs the Disciples of Caliban.

  3. Yeah man I think it's a great idea! It would really help people get into their back story and fluff for their armies.

    If you want to do it I will help out, just do a little thinking for the setting and you could start one this saturday. I will be in it if you want.