Monday, July 26, 2010

July 40k Day - Pictures and Recap!

Hey all Moros here!

I just wanted to post some pics I took from this past 4ok day and recap the day a little bit.

It was a glorious day of slaughter and all was as Tzeentch foresaw! Finally, the cursed Dark Angels lost their victory streak. They were taken down by the Necrons, the deceiver proved to be too much for them.

On the other side of the galaxy the Imperial Guard forces of our newest member attempted to protect their world from the Tyrannid Hive Fleet Agni. It was a blood bath on both sides but the swarms lead by the massive Trygon took the day and secured the objectives.

It was a great time and we were honored to have two new members join us and one of them played their first game at the club! Keep up the good work all! We are doing really well with growing the club and getting the word out!
I personally didn't get to play a match, but that's ok! I had a blast teaching the rules and throwing out tactics! For some reason when I'm not actually playing I have great tactical plans!

One thing I did notice was that we could all use some practice speeding up our games. That way we can get in more killing! But like I said, it was a great day and I can't wait for the next one!
All is Dust!


  1. You guys had an amazing game, I just loved watching it! That's how good it was!

  2. Hey I didn't win it was a tie. Regardless my game versus Brother Cornelius was quite enjoyable. also the IG look very scared of that giant bug I love how it dominates that picture.

  3. well, technically I did stop my victory streak, which was only at 3 matches. some last minute heroics by brother adso helped to acheive the tie versus teh crons. I had definitely underestimated the deceiver. I will not make that mistake again. 3x10 warrior squads all sitting in cover in a blob also proved very troublesome as my template dropping dreads were busy handling the deceiver and lord+scarabs. They proved to be a nice distraction which allowed your destroyers to control much of the board throughout the game. I think one of the main mistakes you made was throwing the second destroyer squad at my lascannon combat squad in the back, it was a waste of all that fire power, and you could have pretty much ignored the las fire. it would have been good to keep a warrior squad on the object near where your lith started too, you should have had that capped as I was in no way even threatening it.

    it was a blast, as usual. I think we did a great job of terrain placement and amount on each board. This is the first time terrain has really played a role in our matches and I think the enjoyment and strategizing increased ten fold. Again, I cannot stress this enough, if anyone even reads these posts, ha, that terrain is vital to a 40k experience. I looked up a few bat reps last night and again, NO significant terrain (note, craters do not equal terrain as they do not block ANY LOS).

    great fight guys, looking forward to our August date and the 2 in September

  4. Well I feel like my list wasn't what it should have been and I made some dumb mistakes. I really wanted to try stringing out my warriors squad to cover two objectives but I don't know how that would have worked.

    I'll agree with you on the destroyers on the las cannon but I also wanted to try and pop the rhino that you had parked on the one objective. if I ever got the rhino open the destroyers shouldn't have had that had a time mopping up the unit. Overall I made some poor decisions that cost me the win but I think you made some of the same bad decisions Brother Cornelius.

    With regard to the terrain I did notice that it made the game more fun. so now you know when Brother C. says something it's usually true.

  5. Yeah, but the key is sight blocking terrain. They really should revise that part of the rulebook and include it to say that a good portion of the board should be sight blocking terrain.

    I know from now on our boards will be littered with terrain, it just makes it so much more fun and tactical.

    Also, that way, IG doesn't automatically win every game.