Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hero Quest

A few years ago I found an beat up old board game, in a consignment shop. I played it a few times and it was pretty fun. Just this weekend I thought I would find out more about the game. According to Wikipedia Milton Bradly Produced the game in conjunction with Games-Workshop. I think they mainly produced the minis.

Overall the game has received very good reviews and I remember it was quite fun to play. The game plays as a dungeon delve focused on bashing monsters heads in, and is a basically easy mode D&D. The entire base game can be found  in a digital format here. Any way I thought it would be something cool to bring to the next 40k day to show off, some of the models are absolutely spectacular. I am unfortunately missing the core rules and one of the character sheets, though I think everything else is intact. I thought I would just purchase the missing pieces online, but I was surprised to see copies of the game selling for $100. 


  1. I have that game in my basement! I used to play it all the time! I loved it!

    Not sure if what I have is still in usable shape right now, I will have to check it out.

  2. Lol thats too funny! I was thinking of taking half my time at the July 40k day to start a 4th edition D&D campaign, If anyone is interested send me a message.

  3. This should help you out:

    The European and American rulesets are slightly different - the Euro is layed out better, but the American set has tougher missions and monsters.

    Also search for "HeroQuest Revised Edition" - it's an awesome project where the writers made the game much more cohesive and eliminated many loop holes.
    Their webbsite is, but it's giving me a malware warning now, so beware.

    The Hasbro (who now own MB) website has some of the rulebooks and expansions for download there too, but they're often poor scans or incomplete.

    If you need anything let me know, I saved nearly everything from BGG before they purged all the scans, have all the books etc.

  4. Wow thanks for all the info Grotthammer! It looks like there is a semi large home brew community for this game.