Monday, July 19, 2010

Thousand Sons vs Dark Angels!

Bloodthirsty Thursday!

Another Thursday night match-up battle report here. This week I tried out a new list vs the DA who have been having quite the run on me lately. I've lost around 4 matches in a row vs them with my Tzeentch themed list. I gotta admit, at this point I'm getting rather frustrated with how terrible Tzeentch is, but I will stick with it! I will not abandon Tzeentch, the warp is fickle and power waxes and wanes.

Now, I do realize there are a lot of problems with a Tzeentch themed army codex wise, and they definitely need an overhaul as far as that is concerned but I am determined to make them at least semi-competitive. It just seems like there is no hope when I can't even come close to beating Dark Angels! (No offense Brother C!)

This week I ran an experimental list that I posted previously. My hope was to be able to get the land raider down field and drop the terms to cause some damage. But I quickly found out how overrated land raiders are. I attempted to move up the right flank and avoid some fire, but low and behold, a single multi-melta shot ended my plans. The land raider popped and I was left high and dry. In retrospect, I think I did misjudge distances, he barely got the extra penetration for the shot, so it might have been better if I was more careful.

However, I still feel like my list just can't field enough firepower to even crack his transports so I can eat the juicy things inside them! Maybe it's just that I need to learn how to play the list better, but I just feel like there is nothing I can do against mass mech with Tzeentch. Any tips would be appreciated!


  1. The Link to the Image is Broken! The game however looked to be very fun. Can't wait to play Brother C. this weekend. Great report of the match as always Moros, but I would suggest showing peoples faces in the battle report.

  2. I don't know, if I showed Brother C's face nobody would read this blog anymore

  3. Haha. That's priceless. Oh yea, Moros, has the date for 40k day changed or is it still the 24th.