Thursday, July 29, 2010

Break the runes of binding and unleash the Defiler!

Hey all, just a quick update so you can see what's been on my workbench lately!

I've been working overtime to get some of my models assembled. For our last 40k day I wanted to have a 5 man Terminator squad that has been sitting around together and my 2 spawn assembled. I've been itchin' to turn something into a spawn so I can field thes
e models. I didn't get to play on 40k day, which is fine, so it will have to wait a little bit longer for the spawn!

And my good friend Agni got me a Defiler for helping him move into his new house! YEY!

The Defiler is totally magnetized. the turret rotates, the reaper cannon and the heavy flamer also are both magnatized so that close combat arms can be alternated (I still need to get the parts for the CC arms). Another good note, is that if I eventually play chaos daemons, the soul grinder could be magnatized to just pop right on top of the defiler frame!

My next project is either going to be working on my board or painting up some of these guys.

Anyway, here are some pics! I hope you Enjoy!

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