Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blood Angels 2k List

Hey all, just putting up my new list and letting you know that it is a subject of critisism so if you have a question or comment, let her fly!

-The Sanguinor-275

-Two Sanguinary Preists with Terminator bodies, Power Swords, and a Blood Chalice-135
-Terminator Squad with Two Heavy Flamers and an Assault Cannon-240
-Brother Corbulo-105

-25 Death Company with 4 Thunder Hammers-320
-Death Company Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer and Blood Talons-135
-Assault Squad-100
-Assault Squad-100

Dedicated Transport
-Land Raider Crusader with a Hunter/Killer Missile-260
-Drop Pod-35

Heavy Support
-Whirlwind with a Storm Bolter-100

Total: 2005 points

And you have to remember, this is an all new, never used list. I've never used Death Company before. And I know that it is 5 points over but, hey, sue me. We play friendly matches and it doesn't really make a difference.


  1. Sorry about the crappy line spacing. Something went wrong.

  2. well wrath, you can't go over 2k, no matter how much you want. haha. I would suggest dropping the storm bolter on the whirlwind to get to 2k. usually a whirlwind is hiding in a corner behind massive cover, so you won't be getting any line of sights to make the storm bolter worthwhile. that'll get you to the required 2k.

    Also, as not having the blood angels codex in my hand... is the dread really a troop choice? Double check your elites, make sure you don't go over 3 total.

    also for everyone, it is important to note that Wrath is one of our newest players and we have asked him to post his list to the blog for learning purposes and an easier way to ask questions and get commentary from the community. so please, don't flame him too much, just enough to point him in the right direction.

    Wrath, for me, can you also update your list (use the edit original post) and tell everyone what unit is traveling in which transport, etc. and if the priests, HQ, and elites are going to be deployed with a unit or on their lonesome.


  3. uhhh I would suggest making the list 2000 points or less lol thats kinda the point of having the points system. That Said I am interested to see how death company plays, I've heard very good things.

  4. Ok so Things to clear up. I took the storm bolter out of my list so I now have a sufficient point value. Yes the death company dread is a troop choice. The sanguinor and mephiston are each going with an assault squad. My term squad is going in the land raider and the dread is going in the drop pod. So now my list is 1995 points and I will fix the storm bolter later. I can't now because I'm on an iPhone.

  5. Hey hey, I'm on vacation but I wanted to comment.

    I like the overall look of the list, should be a good one for learning how the BA play.

    One thing I did notice was that Mephiston isn't an independent character and as such he can not join a squad. I am not sure about the Sanguinor but I thought he could. Mephy definitely can't.

    Are the death company two different squads? because if they are a giant 25 man squad that does leave them a little more vulnerable in my opinion. It could work tho, I would like to see how it plays out.

    Basically it will come down to how you play them but I could see this working. I see the major thing standing in front of this list as vehicles. Maybe adding in some predators or other type of long ranged anti-vehicle would help.

    Thanks for posting, it's really good to see some of the other members getting active! w00t!

  6. Also, I just noticed...

    You need to double check your codex, I am not sure you can take multiple heavy flamers and an assault cannon on terminators. I thought they could only take one heavy weapon per squad. But then again, I am not sure. Just something to check on.

  7. I'll check later. Right now I'm 3000 miles from my codex.

  8. You can only have one death company squad