Friday, February 26, 2010

40k Friday! - Battle of Encratis IV - Ahriman's Renegades vs The Disciples of Caliban

We have fresh reports from the front! Another great day of battle and slaughter has concluded. The Disciples of Caliban have once again tracked down Ahriman's renegades. This time the battle raged on the desolate and forgotten planet of Encratis IV. Ahriman and his prized pupil Moros investigate the ruins of an ancient Imperial Library whilst their relentless Dark Angel pursuers hone in on their position.

Long forgotten beneath the sands, the ancient tomes waited. Their heretical authors word's called to Ahriman through the warp. With this knowledge he would be one step closer to unlocking the secrets of chaos and claiming the power for his own.

Fate would have it that The Disciples of Caliban's pursuit of the Sorcerer Moros would lead them to finally engage Ahriman's vanguard. The Disciples too have discovered records of a lost Imperial outpost rumored to be in the region. They must stop the grimoires from falling into the hands of the chaos filth and redeem them for the chapter.

The day went to the Disciples of Caliban. Their armor and merciless Ravenwing proved too much for the forces of Ahriman this day. They moved quickly and destroyed the Predator and monstrous Defiler of chaos. With their heavy support neutralized, Ahriman and Moros with their loyal Terminators charged forwards with the Land Raider. Meanwhile the Aspiring Sorcerers with their Thousand Sons bravely held the line against Master Belial and his Deathwing Terminators who deepstruck into the back lines.

Belial was at the mercy of Sorcerer Qoheleth's force sword, when at the very last second he parried the fateful blow. In the resulting round of combat Master Belial sent his foe back to the warp.

With their lines broken and their automaton warriors receiving grievous fire from all directions, Ahriman broke rank and attempted to secure some of the ancient texts. Tzeentch had other plans this day, as the perils of the warp overtook Ahriman and he found himself drained. Sorcerer Lord Moros and the remaining terminators left the fighting to protect their leader.

The Disciples swept the field as Ahriman was denied the secrets of the Library on Encratis IV. Victory to the Dark Angels!

Moros vows this day to return the tomes to his master and seek vengeance upon the disciples!


Another Great 40kFriday!

Congrats Brother C on the victory! When next we meet, things will go differently. Tzeentch has foreseen it.

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  1. Indeed, the ancient texts will aid in the reconstruction of our once great society. But alas, the day will still be counted as loss as Moros has escaped his due penitence once again. One day, he will answer for turning his back on his home world.

    Let the blood of the heretics flow from the blade of the righteous.