Monday, February 22, 2010

Thousand Sons Army Selection

Hey all! I'm starting a series here on the blog detailing my trials and tribulations, blood sweat and tears, painted and glued fingers of the creation of my first army for 40k. I have decided to become a disciple of the chaos gods and embrace my dark destiny in the employ of the all-knowing Tzeentch!

Yes, I am creating a Tzeentch themed army. What drew me to them initially was their color scheme, I loved it. The Thousand Sons just looked awesome, but as I read some more about their turbulent history I liked them the best of all the chaos factions/legions. In my humble opinion the Thousand Sons, and Ahriman in particular have one of the best stories in the 40k universe. I really liked the perspective that the emperor betrayed them. That the warp can be controlled by those powerful enough, and thus so can the forces of chaos. Its an interesting idea, and that's what hooked me.

I've already been doing some work, it's not pro-level or anything. I've been into 40k for about 5 months now. Been doing mostly reading and learning the universe. But I'm having a blast. I decked out my basement (man cave) with a new workshop area and work is going slow but purposefully :P on the army. Here is a pic of some of my recent work. Its one of my first models, but I really like the way they came out.

Keep checking this blog for my journey through the construction of Ahriman's renegades.

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