Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LINK: How to handle yourself at a tournament

Brother C here with a quick link for you all to check out...

We recently had our first fund raising 1k tournament. everything went great, the club made some decent money and everyone was able to get in approx. 5 games. blood for the blood god. I did take notice of some minor things while strolling around watching some of the matches that I think should be addressed.

A great article written about some tournament unwritten rules can be found HERE

these are all VERY good suggestions.... I want to reiterate a few...

1. ALWAYS leave your dice on the table and make sure your opponent has seen them. most time they will be paying attention but in case they looked away to grab a drink, you want to play fair.. if you look away, you would want to see those wounds on your guys too.

2. ASK QUESTIONS. this is my BIGGEST pet peeve with our younger players atm. you guys do not ask enough questions. 'hey what does that thing do' ' what is that power' 'who is riding in that land raider' 'what is the range on those guys back there' GUYS ASK QUESTIONS. How can you possibly form a strategy if you don't even know what your opponent is rolling with? Now, you should not be taking 30 minutes to learn their entire codex, but please please please give yourself a good chance at winning.

3. TERRAIN - guys, go over terrain BEFORE you start. what is impassble? what is LOS blocking? what are you guys going to agree on is the 'area' terrain? what is the cover saves for each piece on the board. This avoids problems later on in the game and trust me, if you and your opponent just sit there and argue cover saves the whole game, you won't be having a very fun tournament,and your sportsmanship score will suffer. better to discuss this all out in the open in the beginning.

4. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF - if you don't think my sponson has LOS to your squad, you need to voice that and both you and your opponent can get down on the table surface and look. don't let him 'say' that something can see something else and you don't investigate. entire tournament can be decided on a single cover save, why would you not want to give yourself every chance you can get? I don't want you guys to be scared of the more veteran players either, they are playing by the same rules you are, they just got started a few years earlier. no biggie. in fact, its fun to watch them shake their head as you wreck their face off. its simple. learn the rules and don't be afraid to blow the whistle on an opponent that is trying to 'massage' the game to his advantage.

5. have a good time, talk to your opponent. we are all giant nerds, so have some fun with it.

anyways.. since this turned into a little bit of a rant.. i'll repost that link to that great article.

click here for the article


  1. I abuse rule 2... and rule 5 is against the rules. j/k

  2. you can't abuse rule 2... :P I'm just tired of hearing people complain about not knowing what a unit does and then getting wrecked by it, when they didn't ask a question about it....

    don't worry reid, I'll be asking you plenty of questions when your trygons are in my bases eating my manses.

  3. Not if you switch to the Grey Knights. You'll 1-shot my entire army.

  4. ah.. I see you have been talking to Moros too much again :)