Monday, June 13, 2011

Tank Tactics - A Must Read Article

Hey all... I was going down the bloglist the other day and come across an amazing article by my buddy Hero over at Hero's Gaming Blog. I recommend giving it a read when you have some extra time. You will learn a lot about using those tanks of yours to your best advantage.

I think the best thing about this article for me was realizing that in 40k you have to play in a way that you will lose units, but when you do lose units its on your terms and doesn't make a huge impact on your overall strategy. Perhaps I just need to be ok with "acceptable casualties" :P

Check it out here!

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  1. acceptable casualties also means that you have enough repetition in your list/build. to take a few losses and still be effective. in the article's example.. running 3x vindicators means that losing 1 doesn't impact his list as much if he was only running 1. of course alot of his tactics from the article look as if they are playing BA and thus, can move and shoot with everything. Also, some implies a definite lack of terrain.

    some very nice things to think about especially with GK's becoming more and more common on the field.