Friday, July 22, 2011

Let Battle be Joined

That's right boys and girls.. its finally here....

The Battle For Salvation Registration is finally upon us, and I am proud to announce the Lancashire Wargaming will have a presence at this GT. A small contingent is being sent to White Plains to bring the pain of the Amish Countryside to those city and suburban dwellers! Now all I have to do is convince Moros that he should consider painting one of his armies on this days, convince Ross that IG aren't allergic to tanks, and convince Todd that just because GKs can do it, doesn't mean it should be done.. me.. I just need to find some way that an old codex can be competitive :/. still up in arms whether or not to bring my new ravenwing list or the standard. more to come in the upcoming months regarding our progress..

there is a special team tournament on Friday and man.. I have just been itching to go back with Moros and mine 'khorne angels' like with all khorne deamons and deathwing termies which did pretty well at the dream wizards tourney sponsored by Beltway Gamers. We were on table 2 in the final round but ended up playing daemon green and his colonial GT winning SM allied with some nice IG gunz. wasn't pretty, and i've been itching ever since to get some vengeance.

so get ready White Plains, Lancaster County Pennsylvania is bringing the pain in October!


  1. Brotherc you should run dual wing alpha strike. use the bike's tel port homer to bring your scoring termies in from reserve. good luck to you.

  2. Do I bring Thousand Sons or Blood Angels... Hmmmm

  3. yeah I have a couple of lists like that Rob that I am tinkering with and now I finally have all my bike models to throw down too. I'm just not sure how viable a dual wing list is versus the newer codexes.

    Moros, you crazy. Are you really going to bring your 2 troop army to a GT? or.. your 5th edition smack down army? um.... really? your debating this? I think your deamons have a better chance than the CSMs.