Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shadowbane: Fantasy Escalation League - Tier 2 Story Battle

A New Enemy Emerges.... Chaos.

Tier 2 of the Shadowbane Escalation League involved another large scale confrontation. We had all players (plus and additional 2 who were going to join the league, than because of sudden circumstances had to drop). We all played on a large 6x4 table. There was a chest in the center of the table atop a Temple of Skulls terrain piece.

Lee and his mornfang were able to easily reach the chest before the rest of us, but it was a trap. A sorcerer by the name of Ahimoth transported all players into the warp. Same terrain layout but now, guardians appeared as well as the sorcerer himself. Ahimoth had learned of our quest for the sword and he was going to try to stop us. He summoned 4 guardians, one for each chaos god. Which had to be destroyed in order to get to the vile conjurer. But this was going to be no easy task.

The guardians had monster stats, It was going to have to take teamwork to solve them. Each had one weakness, and many many strengths. Each guardian was worth a set amount of points and received bonuses for the next round for the person destroying it, and if we got to Ahimoth we got a HUGE bonus and more points for the league as well.

Some members decided they would assault the others player instead of working together to solve the guardians. Which is fine, people are role playing and hating on some of us, and it was all designed to be part of it. However, some of the guardians really required  more teamwork and effort than we could muster. We ended up taking down two of them. But we could not solve the Khorne or the Nurgle guardians. Ahimoth escaped with his secrets. No one received a piece of the puzzle, no one received prizes for this round.

That was it for the 500 point threshold. We are now into 1000 points. Everyone has their lists and we have decided to have 1000 points be team battles. Alliances have been chosen and we have begun our rounds. It looks as though alliances were made along order/chaos lines with the orks and ogres teaming up. The lizards are allied with the tomb kings, chaos and skaven, empire and high elves, and since we have an odd number of people, tomb king will be grouped with tomb kings.

Again, these story battles are merely fun events to get everyone together and progress the storyline. We now know that chaos will be part of the story. Who knows where they will strike and what secrets have still yet to be revealed.

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