Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Absolution Campaign Starting this Saturday

LWG Presents - 40k Story Driven Absolution Campaign 2013

Hey guys! We are coming to it! less than a week left until the War of Absolution kicks off! Get ready for the event of the summer! In preparation for this coming Saturday and the kick-off to the campaign we just wanted to make sure you had all the info you need to get started.

First off, as a reminder here is what you need to get registered and ready to fight on Saturday!

* 2,000 Point painted army - 3 colors minimum and something on the base!

* Your entry free! We have spoken to a bunch of you about getting it in as we go etc. You know who you are and what we have talked about. The main this is we want people to participate. We greatly appreciate all of you and we will go over the details of payment on Saturday - but remember... its $60 and $20 off if you did the terrain entry.

* Your terrain entry if you did one!

* Your Strike Cruiser Army List! *** This is the big one! I have included in this post my Strike Cruiser, properly formatted for your viewing pleasure! It is an example of the way you should be formatting your Strike Cruiser list that will help us out immensely. Feel free to use mine and edit it if you want to! If you don't know how to use excel don't worry we can format it for you, but at the very least you need to bring a list of everything you are bringing in your Strike Cruiser, please have it typed up at least! Refer to the Strike Cruiser rules for more detailed info about this and don't hesitate to ask questions!

Come Saturday, war is upon us... let the war begin!

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