Monday, August 9, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

image designed by Shoze

October 9th 2010.

Lancashire War Gaming will host its official first tournament. It will be a small competition between members and non-members, essentially anyone who would like to spill some blood. There will be more information to follow but I wanted to give everyone ample time to plan for the event.

Matches will be 750 points, 1v1, victory point calculations to determine overall standing. after 3 rounds of matches, matches determined at random, there will be a championship between the 2 top finishers.

There will be a 10 dollar entrance fee and the winner of said competition will receive a gift certificate to either Hobbytown in Reading, Pa or to GW (have yet to decide which). All competitors will be required to have completed models, reasonable proxies will be accepted and painting is encouraged but not required.

I know you all haven't heard from Brother C. in awhile, but I'm still here and there will be more events in the coming future. Hope to see you all on the 9th.


  1. Like I said in the post, there is much more to follow regarding the specific rules. This was more of a 'save the date' type of post. I'm currently working on pulling the rules together. It will be roughly based on the combat patrol game type as introduced in 4th edition with a few minor twists and of course more bodies for carnage!

  2. I like it! I hope you keep the rule about no vehicles with combined armor more than 33, that way no defilers or dreadnoughts, basically you could take rhinos. In a low points cost game its a good rule to have because most people wont have the guns to take out a land raider or a monolith.

  3. well, I was thinking about having the armor go up to 34 to include walks. with 750 pts, people will have str 8 weapons or powerfists to deal with walkers, etc. there just hopefully won't be tank spam. I may limit heavy support choices, just so silly CSMs arent' dropping 3 defilers as their list.

  4. This sounds quite interesting. If you when you guys get this figured out let us guys in the Berks Club know about it on the forums. We are always up for some friendly competition.

    My 2 cents in here....I could see only allowing 1 heavy support choice. Maybe even just have a FOC that limits this. I believe Mike(Steel Thunder Mike) did this in our 500 pt list. Even though I brought a defiler in my list it was still rough gameing.