Sunday, August 1, 2010

New ork list

Hey everyone the great prophet here haven't made a post in a while but I just made a new list so I thought I would share it with everyone. i made this list for my game against Skyking and the Wrath of the Sanguinor. It is more of an elite ork army its a new thing i'm trying but I hope it works. Alright here it is.

+2 Big Meks
- 1 Shokk Attack Gun each
- 1 Power Klaw each
- 1 Attack Squig each
- 1 'Eavy Armour each
- 1 Cybork Body each

+ 30 Boys
- 3 Big shootas
- 1 Nob
- 1 Big choppa
+ 2 Deff Dreads
- 2 dreadnought close combat weapons each
- 1 grot rigger each
+2 Squads of 8 Lootas
+ 5 Mega Nobz
Dedicated Transport Vehicle
+ Battlewagon with Meganobz inside
- Grot Riggers
- Deff Rolla
- Killakannon
- Red Paint Job
- Boarding Plank
- Grabbin' Klaw
- 4 Big Shootas
= 205
Fast Attack
+ 4 Deffcoptas
- 4 Buzzsaws
- 4 Twin-Linked Rokkits
- 1 Bigbomm
= 280
Heavy Support
+ 3 Deff Dreads
- 2 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons Each
- 1 Grot Rigger Each
= 330


  1. Looks good. Your still going down. Haha. So what do you think of the Sanguinors.

  2. Your list looks like a good one. And I am a very excited to play it. Skyking said he is working on his right now so I wonder what his will look like.

  3. That's alotta kans! haha!

    Looks good, but I do have a question. How are you organizing the boys? Are they all in one squad of 30 or are you splitting them up into smaller units?

  4. mechanized orks eh? I'm a little disappointed there won't be a warboss running around to mindworm.

  5. Moros it's just one big squad of boys.

  6. the only potential problem I see with the list is that you don't have a 'simple' unit to sit on cap points and can still be effective. based on your list design, your troops will need to be involved in the conflict to get their point worth. So what will cap points? are you hoping to ignore objectives and simply try to table your opponent?

  7. Maybe he thinks tabling his opponent IS the objective!

    You will have to play some serious objective denial tactics to be successful with this list: kill his troops so he can't score.

    You may not pull out a clear victory as often as you want without more troops, but it sure as heck will be fun to play!

  8. I agree with Brother Cornelius here. Only 1 scoring unit when it comes to objectives. Very difficult.

    Add a couple of cheap grot units, also can serve as living body shield for the Big Meks.