Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Path to Salvation: Intro

Brother C here,

so here's what has been going down lately... a bunch of us from Lancashire Wargaming are going to be making the trek to White Plains, New York, for the Battle of Salvation GT. that's right, Fritz, Jawaballs and company better be ready, cause Amish Country is coming!

so.. there has been a noticeable lack of posts lately, which is about to completely change. We will be posting progress reports of how our painting, playtesting and general tournament prep is going. hopefully we can inspire our guys to hit up mechanicon this fall and cabin fever this winter.

also.. maybe some inspiration for those of us that struggle with finding the drive to paint and convert and entire 40k army, especially when its not a requirement of your club to have such a thing.

anyways, this is just an introduction of what is going to be coming down the pipe over the next month or so here. I am bringing my DA. No, not deathwing.. at least not for now.. yes.. I know its a lousy codex, yes I know I should play 'nilla marines instead, but i'm a loyalist.. and i'm sticking with DA. sadly my ravenwing list won't be ready in time.

so how do I make my DA list stand out from other more 'normal' marines that are going to be everywhere at this GT? by making myself unique. by throwing in some bits and pieces here and there that make you remember my army. (talking just display purposes here now) the key will be to not make EVERY model in my army stand out, that's not what I want. i want you to notice here and there, small things i have done to really make a decent looking overall force. I don't want the individual to pull away from the whole. I'm also looking for my units to have a story behind them. who they are, why they have XY+Z equipped on them. what is their role in my force.

yes I think I will be relying heavily on invisible 'fluff' here but I think the other players and judges will be able to pick out for themselves, what I will be revealing in the upcoming posts. there is just something about having an entire force of Scibor miniatures that turns me off (no offense to Scibor, your miniatures are fantastic looking). And no more of this mish-mash fantasy/40k crap either. I'm seeing so much of that lately and its freaking lame. c'mon really? Space Rat Elves... really.....

enough ranting..

the real point of these series of posts will be to show our members and other 'noobs' like myself out there, some simple ways to customize your army and to bring your overall quality of your army up to a higher standard. details you never thought about emphasizing.

Anyways, that's enough of me for now. first up will be... the terminators.

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