Monday, August 29, 2011

Land Speeder Conversion

Brother C here,

I know I said I was going to start with the terminators but.. change of plans.. first up.. my conversion of a land speeder into a Caliban Dune Buggie.


so I was inspired by an article I read on the BOLS site regarding what 'smaller clubs' around the US are doing as far as the hobby is concerned. As part of their post, they displayed an image of a speeder converted to a dune buggie that I fell absolutely completely in love with. See the image below:

Since I am trying to roll my army (eventually) to be completely from Caliban not going FULL out pre-heresy but trying to give the flavor of Caliban and the jungle planet from whence the Dark Angels originally came. So, I wanted an off-road, muddy, weathered, jungle theme. A speeder conversion into a dune buggie was right on target.. so I went for it..

First was to pull off the bumper car rails on the front and cut off the little anchor/gyroscope thing on the bottom of the speeder so it'll sit flat and have room for the wheel axles. The wheels are form a ravenwing box set with the axles being bitz from the dozer blade attachments for Chimeras. I 'covered' these with dreadnought circular legplates also from the Ravenwing box set. The searchlights are from the bastion terrain sets. The large searchlight in the front is from a chaos rhino kit. A small wooden dowel was added for extra support because the axle looked a little too weak at that angle without a bit more support. Green stuff was used to help get the angles right so it sat flat. Notice, you can use excess here and cut it and file it down later.

One thing I love about this conversion is, if my opponent complains because the speeder can now obtain cover easier since it'll be on the ground and not a flying base; I still maintained the hole on the bottom side of the speeder, so... yes.. it can still be mounted on a flying base if it really is a problem.

thoughts? flames? would you allow this conversion in a competitive setting of the game?


  1. It looks awesome. And that qualifies it for being used in a competitive game in my opinion... :)

  2. haha, thanks man. I couldn't agree with you more! I'll be posting more images as I begin to paint this model starting next week.

  3. If people complain just use it as an attack bike using the counts as rule :) and surround it with space marine bikes.