Thursday, September 1, 2011

Custom Terminator Apothecary

Brother C here,

Another addition to my DA force is my Terminator Apothecary.

This guy has a reputation, he has made many an opponent cry as he basically makes my terminator command squad immortal, including Belial (Brother-Captain Adso in my force). I didn't like the general apothecary parts that come with a typical space marine command squad. They just don't have the same scale as a terminator. soo.. I took it upon myself to custom make my apothecary with more scale to a terminator.

As you can see here I've used quite a bit of pieces from my bitz box to make this model. The first thin you will notice are the shoulder pads. these are custom made from Captain Crunch cereal boxes and painted to resemble a pre-heresy version of the terminator shoulder pad. I didn't try to make these perfect, I wanted them to appears a bit worn and rough, again to give the feeling of crawling out of a jungle.

I used a chaos rhino spot light for the searchlight on the apothecary, it gives a very nice scale to the model and really resembles what a spotter might need in a jungle setting.

There is a small light from a predator sponson and a mire of bitz from a hunter killer missle are in the rear to resemble some of the narcium parts that an apothecary might have. i have the Assault on Black Reach shoulder pads under the custom made pre-heresay ones to give it a little white accents to also give homage back to its apothecary nature.

more works in progress to come....


  1. Looking great! I assume he is for the army I played at Cabin Fever.

  2. yeah, he is for that same army.. i have tweaked it quite a bit since cabin fever however, and finally getting around to converting and painting the models for this fall's tourney season.

  3. Nice job! I like the conversion. Having played another Deathwing army that incudes an Apothecary in the squad with Belial, I can say that I hate the FNP squad... your opponent is going to be forced to send their heaviest hitters there almost every time.