Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aliens vs. Terminators

hey all,

things are hot and heavy at the warforge the past couple of weeks... 4 of us are going up to the Battle for Salvation GT in NY on October 7,8,9th. We are fast at work, assembling, painting.. and.. oh yeah.. MORE painting.

just giving you guys a quick sneak at what i'm rolling with, another one of my terminator conversions..

this one is just a simple counts-as thunder hammer storm shield terminator, but I wanted to give it a tyranids appeal....

if you've seen the first aliens vs. predator movie, you might recognize an inspiration.

anyways, we were joking at the club one day, wouldn't it be cool if you modeled your HQ to have parts of a tyranid on their armor... the next club day.. i showed up with this guy...


  1. I love this model!
    It reminds me of Tyranid Wars veterans.

  2. thanks man,

    it was a lot of fun getting to paint something besides space marine armor. :)