Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Armies on Parade - Battle for Salvation GT

Brother C here,

I am finally getting around some photos of the armies present at the Battle for Salvation GT. Note, this is in no means a popularity contest or the best armies out there. It is simply a random smattering of images I found on the camera when I got home and slept for 2 days straight. hope you guys enjoy.

Official GT reviews are coming.

but now.. on the armies!

MVB's second place finishing IG army.

Skaven DE army with some real nice conversions of battle wagons and steam tanks.

DE army played by John O. (sorry John, I don't remember how to spell your last name correctly) yes those are all venoms.. yes they hurt ALOT.

Ragnar's CSMs... (I'm guessing renegade DA here..) yes.. that's right.. CSMs in the GOLD bracket on day 2. He was also the only person to go 4-0 on day 1. BOOM BOOM.

Wow, what a sexy DA army.. oh wait.. its the only non-deathwing DA and.. I was the only DA player to finish in the silver or gold brackets on day 2. w00t.

Joe Johnson's Vulkan Marines

Blood Angels that looks very similar to Sisters. He ended up winning his bracket on day 2 with this list.. that's alot of FNP bodies on the field.


  1. Purple DE at top are mine.


    Congrats on making to silver/gold. Which one were you actually in? I was in the Silver but lost round 5.

    And I hope you dont mind but I'm "stealing" your pic of the army with the Shark display board. I face him in round 3 and never got a chance to take a pic

  2. no problem man, feel free to use any image you like. I was in the silver bracket, but lost in round 5 to Sean playing his Orks (who ended up taking the silver bracket championship.

  3. Bro C

    Glad you guys came down to the tournament great pictures you have we may grab some if you dont mind. Once again hope you guys a a good time.


  4. Ed,

    feel free to use any pictures you want. we had a blast man, we are already planning on making the trip again next year.