Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Battle for Salvation - The Pictures

The Battle for Salvation tournament has sadly come to an end. The four of us that went up from Lancashire Wargaming had an absolute blast. More information on how the trip went and how the battles played out in upcoming posts.

still getting myself reacquainted back to society as it were.. but.. was able to get some pictures off my camera and uploaded... so...

for now.. enjoy some sexy shots from the tournament.

-Brother C.

Sweet Blood Angels Furioso here, ripping apart a chaos marine - was nominated for best miniature.

A shot here of the Dark Eldar army I faced in round 4 of the GT.

Vulkan and crew assaulting out a land raider painted by Bob Evers from Brothers Grimm. My opponent in round 2 of the tourney. Also nominated for best painted army and individual miniature for the land raider.

Matrix Style - IG vets.

Jawaballs - Blood Angels scouts hiding out in their graveyard. Winner of Best Painted Army.

Part of Fritz's Tyranid display board showing his lictor attacking some unsuspecting Tau.

Chaos Space Marines painted by Black Matt.

Chaos Space Marine Rhinos - also painted by Black Matt.

Some Juggernauts and Blood Letters from Friday's Team Tournament.

Another shot here from Jawaballs' display board - Winner Best Painted Army

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