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2500 point Fantasy Battle Report - Lizardmen Vs. Orks + Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - 2500 points

Lizardmen vs. Orks + Goblins

Deployment. 12" from edge. Victory points.

New year, resolution…. Put up more blog posts.. including… battle reports. First one of the new year.. is a fantasy report. 2500 points my lizardmen vs. Warbringa's O+G. 

Lizardmen list (approx.)

Slaan - lore of life
3x 25 man saurus blocks
2x 10  man skink skirmishers
2x 3 terradons
2x 2 salamander units
2x 5 man chameleon skinks
scar vet on cold one with burning blade of coptec
7 man cold one calvary unit

O+G (approx.)

Choppy warboss on warboar
lvl 4 savage ork shaman
lvl 1 goblin shaman
big block of night goblins with 2x fanatics
big block of savage orks
rock lobba
3 man river troll unit
block of black orks

John ended up deploying his forces very distributed throughout the board, because of which, I ended up throwing down my skirmishing chaff to see where I could take an advantage, I decided to sorta castle up in a corner. It looks pretty bad on deployment, but  the terradons will vanguard, and the skirmishers will march 12" out of the way of the blocks.

Gonna give you guys a bulleted timeline of events…

Chameleons appear, one squad on each flank,  goal is to hit the chariot, rock lobba and trolls. Terradons vanguard up behind the two towers, ready to drop rocks on turn 1.
Orks just move up. Nothing in range. 

Lizards move up, drop rocks from terradons. Kill one and wound another troll with chameleon and rocks, move out of charge range of the trolls. Saurus all move up (mistake) deal  two wounds to the chariot, but he is still up (makes a ton of saves, not good for the right flank). Scrolls a dwellers.

Ork chariot kills chameleon squad with impact hits, ouch. Trolls pivot to charge, spider charges into saurus block. Black orks charge skirmishers, they flee, charge the salamanders, they flee. Spider wins combat, steadfast and hold.

More shots into trolls and rock lobba, plinking wounds off. Kill the chariot with combined blow pipe shooting. Saurus flank charge spider, scar vet pushes forward to start hitting flank and come from behind. Calvary wheel around. Slaan irresistibly casts dwellers on the savages, takes down a third of them, warboss and shaman are fine. I roll a power drain and he loses 2 levels. Ouch. I lose shield of thorns and dwellers.  Spider eats lots of saurus, steadfast and hold. Can't penetrate that high toughness.

Savages flank charge saurus block (was really hoping to pop the spider that turn) and spider continues to eat more and more saurus. Everything else wheels around.

I forget to charge my scar vet at the river trolls, bad bad bad, tower blocked my view of him and forgot all about him. Salamanders and terradons keep plinking away orks here and there.


First saurus block breaks and flees off table. Skirmishers flee off table. Savages and orks keep grinding down saurus, but saurus are holding. 

Calvary charge into flank of spider, trolls go down, rock lobba goes down. Salamanders throw flames into black orks but its not enough. Being immune to panic checks really hurting as I have terradons ready to sweep them in the backfield. Spider is still up despite the calvary charge and continued saurus grinding. Flesh to stone is keeping them alive.

Savages run through a saurus block and turn around to face next assault. Spider finishes off the knights.  Black orks slowly making their way around. 

Saurus finish off the spider, finally. But savages finish them in the next round. Continuing to plink away with salmanders, but not enough damage.  

Scar vet finally gets in combat with savage ork block. Challenges shaman and chops him up.
Next round warboss challenges and scar vet is chopping him up. 

Skirmishers do not charge in, as they would just be free points. Scar vet chops again at warboss, has one wound left when game ends. 

Close game, I would have had to take down at least the block of savages or the block of black orks to pull out the victory. Lots of blood and dead bodies.. but..
Victory - Orks and Goblins.

Great game against a great opponent. I made some major mistakes. Forgetting about the scar vet for 2 rounds was HUGE. Once he was in combat, he was just shredding orks. Should not have deployed the calvary unit in the corner, they should have stayed more central and threatened flank charges.  The irresistible power drain really hurt the slaan. He had a tough time trying to cast spells the rest of the game, even with the extra slaan dice. I am still very very happy with the list, and I am still planning to run the list at our Fundraising tourney in February.

Good game Mr. Warbringa, next time my friend.. next time.

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  1. EPIC. Nice list Jon Sully. ITs good to see a Balanced list in 8th edition that isnt as Many Hordes as I can Spam=Win.

    @Jon Warbringa-The Death of the Old Ones will Reflect heavily upon the Free World. The Dwarves will Avenge the Old Protectors.