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Brandon Blizzard here, with my Derhmunzzz. Representing the Lanchashire Wargamers.

Today I played my Good Friend Dan;s Tau. Veteran Player for years...He really knows his Tau. Giving him a new codex was like Melting Down and Reforging his Favorite Blade into exactly the Same weapon as be for, cept this time the Blade is twice as Sharp.

With BSA4 on the Horizon, and Fantasy every other week, I had challenge Dan to Play a Larger Game of 40k. Its been only 1k lists for the last two Months to Prepare for BSA4...Tiring...Burning out. I havent even Played a Regular Game with my Daemons, So I have no grasp on What the Codex is Actually Capable of. This is where Dan comes in. Extremely Good Player, lots of Skills, Good to test New Ideas out on. Much like Jon sullenburger in our personal games lol.

Today was his first Game with the New Tau...But they the same as old Tau...Cept Everything is cheaper, and Faster, and for the most part, hits Harder. New Tau are no Joke. Etherials are a force multiplyer to be Greatly Reckoned with...Im putting him on Almost the Same Devastating level as the Doom of Malintai. It was an Extremely Hard Fought Battle, between two new Codex;s.

My list Revolves around the Telepathy Tzeentch FMC's Flying Circles around units and Leadership Testing them to Death. Crushers/Bloodthirster proves turn 2 Terrifying combat, while Deamonettes guard my objectives/PlagueBearers sitting on them.

My list:
Lord of Change(he Got Feel no Pain)
--level 3
--Medium gift
8 BloodCrushers
--Champion with Lesser gift(EtherBlade)
18 Daemonettes
10 PlagueBearers
10 PlagueBearers
Tzeentch Prince x 3
-Telepathy(I took Primaris on All Three....I like having small HellDrakes)
-Iron Hide

Dans List is a Balance of all that is good. LOTS OF DAKKA. Lots of Armor to provide Pain where it needs to be Provided. Tetras for Broken Marker Light goodness, and Baracuda because Its Better than the New flyers :D Etherial cause he is cheap and makes everything go PEWWWW PEEWWW PEw.

Dans List:
Etherial(Hellow Im Broken Cheeze :D...Jk )
10 Fire Warriors
10 fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
Devil fish
devil Fish
4 Pathfinders(I think this is right, Marker lights and Large rail gun)
18 Sniper Kroot(Also Terrifying)
Ion head
Ion head
Rail head
6 Stealthsuits with 6 gun Drones(This is an Estimate on the Squad)
13ish mixed and Matched Gun drone Squad

-the Relic

Daemon Deployment:
-All 4 Tzeentch FMC started deployed in Ruins on my Left Flank. All Troops deployed in the Center to Take Relic as fast as possible, Right flank consisted of Bloodthirster/Crushers for Flank Charging.

Tau deployment:
Castle in his corner, with ions/rail Heads Behind all Firewarriors/Kroot/Stealth team with Drones/Drone Teams all Arranged in phalanxes with etherial in dead center to boost shots way above what they normaly Are. Baracuda in Reserve. tetras Behind his Phalanx. Devil fish on his Left Flank To Block my crushers/Thirster.

Turn 1:
-FMC's all enter Swooping and Moved with Assualt Range on Both Flanks. Crushers moved close to 18 inches away from his left flank devilfish, troops move Closer to Relic. All Tzeentch FMC's attempted to Psychic Shriek his Stealth unit off the table(38 str5 shots Coming at me if I didnt)..Thanks to Etherial giving all units LD10, I only Killed like 3 drones and 3 stealth from LOC and Tzeentch Princes.
-Tau Hardly Moved. Etherial buffs all units within 12 inches an addition shot to their pulse Weapons. His Left Flank and ion Heads Removed my bloodthirster, and his Right Flank Removed one Tzeentch Prince. some of my Daemonettes died to Railhead.

turn 2:
-All my Tzeentch FMC vector Strike Directly into the Center of his Army, surrounded on all Flanks by str5 shots lol. Vector Strikes Finish off Stealth Suits. Tzeentch FMC's attempt three Psychic Shrieks into the Etherials Fire Warrior Squad in Attempt to Remove entire unit...Fail again. LD10 blocks all but 5 Wounds. Sigh*. My Troops Grab the Reliv and Play Bloodbowl with it a littl bit back to my Board Edge. Crushers Move To roughly 6-7 inches of his Left Flank Devilfish. Crushers Multi Assualt Devil Fish and fire Squad beside it, fire warrior Squads gains Overwatch from two other fire Warrior Squads, PathFinders, and Mixed Drone Squad. Amazingly only 1ish Crusher Died, out of roughly 60 shots. I destroy devil fish and Fire Warrior Squad, Now I consoldate out Directly into the Front of his entire Phalanx, but dont Worry, I have three FMC's behind it.
-Tau Really Did not move much at all again. Couple of re-adjustments here and there. Baracuda failed to show up. His Left Flank made all my Crushers Dissapear cept for one lone Baddazz. His Drones killed some More Deamonettes. His right Flank Attempted to hurt my Princes, Nothing.

Turn 3:
-Princes went to Ground to Engage Sniper kroot and The Etherials fire Warrior Squad. Crusher moves closer to Etherial Squad to Soak up overwatch so Daemon Prince can do his Magic. Lord of Change Flew over closer to my Crusher. Lord of Change Erases a Board Edge Fire Warrior Squad. Daemon Princes Psychic Shriek are blocked again because of LD10. Troops take Relic back a Little closer, and Daemonntes Daisy chain around Bearers for 3+Cover. Deamon Princes Assualt Kroot and Etherial with Warriors. Both are Wiped off Board. Princes consoladate closer to Tanks.
-Baracuda Comes in. Drones Move Closer to my Troops. Tanks/Baracuda Remove my Deamon Princes from the Game. Devil Fish moves closer to my Troops. Daemonetes are killed from Drones/DevilFish.

- Lord of Change Vector Strikes baracuda, nothing. troops Move back to Ruins, not Close Enough yet for 2+ Cover. Lord of Change Shoots Flickering Fire at Baracuda, out of 5d6 Str5 Shots I get a Penetrating hit for a 2. Locked Velocity, Im okay that saves my Troops for a turn.
-Drones/Devil fish Move Closer to shoot at Troops. some More Troops Die. Baracuda has Locked velocity, it moves forward and does nothing, even with shooting. Rail Heads put out of some with Blast. Ion Heads do some Pew Pew and Kill More Troops. Its Getting Scarse.

-Lord of Change Drops to Ground so he Can Turn out to Shoot Baracuda. Troops Start hugging Cover, but Run away from Ruins because Drones and Devil Fish are there to Intercept me. my Daemonttes assualt the Devil Fish in an Attempt to stop its advance. Lord of Change Fails to Hurt Barcuda again with 5d6 str5. Deamonettes put a Glance on Devill Fish.
-Tau shoots Tanks/Drones/Baracuda at PlagueBearers. All but 5-6 are gone. Drones move behind ruins so No Chance of ruins at all for Daemons

-Lord of Change Goes into Flying Mode, and Flys behind Baracuda. troops Run Behind cover out of siight from Everything Except Devilfish and Drones, they are Safe for one more turn :D. Lord of Change Uses Puppet Master on Baracuda, and I erase his Drone Squad from the Game. My Troops are now even Safer, But, my Lord of change Perils on his Flickering fire, and He Dies, Removes Last Wound. My Flickering Fire However achieves another Penetrating Hit, and it suffers some More Locked Velocity. Deamonettes Finish off the Devil Fish...NOW IM CERTAIN TO WIN HAHAHA
-Baracuda Moves forward 18 inches, Right beside my troops hiding behind Terrain. 360*line of sight Burst Guns kill another PlagueBearer.

-troops Run away and Attemp to angle their selves up against cover so that they can Shround and maybe become super Lucky.
-Baracuda pivots 90* and moves beyond Objective holding PlaugeBearers. Kills Just enough to Deny me the Relic. Game is Over.

Tau Points:
-first Blood, Warlord, LineBreaker

Daemon Points:
-Warlord, extra point from Killing Etherial, Almost Relic....but not Quite...Sadface

New codex Synopsis:
-Tau are Nearly impossible to Gun Fight. Assault is going to be the Only Way to Erase His Army in Droves. Multi Charges, Follwed up by Multi Charges after the first Multi Charge soaks up all the overwatch to Ensure more than one or two units are being Wiped. No Joke...the amount of Damage he Put out puts even the best Guard gunline to Shame. These are Dark Days ahead of us. Etherials are Super good...50 points to Bomb his Army to LD10 and hand out Extra shots for all units within 12...not models, units. UnGodly amounts of shots. Sniper Kroots are Awesome...4+to Wound, 18 shots with Rending, infiltrate. Tau are no joke.

Things I could have done better:
-I should not have Spread my Fast moving units out. Crushers/Bloodthirster on one Flank with Tzeentch FMC's on Other was a Bad idea. should have put the Crushers into my Centerline, and Bloodthirser with the FMC's, If this Would have Happened I think the Game Would have Went Differently. All my Fast Moving Hard Hitters as one giant Deathstar Crashing into his right Flank Would have collapsed his entire Phalanx. Since I split up, it allowed him Tactical Freedom to move about and shift what he needed to. Next time I will go for the Throat, and instead of Trying to Scream his Units to Death I will Have turn two Charges Wrecking his Lines. Tzeentch Daemon Princes can take a massive Pounding, and I will use that to Soak up his Small Fire Mass overwatch.

New Tau are cheaper, hit Twice as Hard, Shread Armor Faster, and have the Best anti air yet. Not a single Nerf to the entire Codex.

What a Good Game. Thanks Dan. Next month we will have a better Battle Report. With Pictures.

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