Monday, June 25, 2012

Axes will Fall and Empires will Crumble!!!


Stoic Pride....Unbending Will

Their Grudges will be Reckoned!!!

This is a warning too all the Lancashire Armies who have ever crossed the Dwarves and left them with a Grudge....they are coming and the Axes will Fall.

Starthalas the RuneLord and his Engineering Guild are sending out their reckoners and looking to cross out the names that have wounded our pride and wrecked our Honor..Guard your Necks

Guild Lord and Guild Masters

Starthalaz the Runelord  241
-Great Weapon, Rune of Gromil(1+save Armor Save),Rune of preservation(reroll armor saves),Master rune of Spite(4+ward Save)

Thorne the RuneSmith  81
Rune of Stone(+1 to his armor save),Gromil Armor(4+armor save),Shield
(all together he has a 2+armor save), Great Weapon

Matthiaz the RuneSmith  81
-Rune of Stone(+1 to his armor save),Gromil Armor(4+armor save),Shield
(all together he has a 2+armor save), Great Weapon

The Dwarven Throng

 Thorne's Warrior Engineers 265 (Thorne Goes here)
-24 Warriors with Great Weapons, Heavy armor, and Full Command

Matthiaz's Warrior Engineers 265 (Matthiaz goes Here)
-24 Warriors with Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, and Full Command

Starthlaz's Counsel of LongBeards 337 (Starthalaz goes Here)
-24 LongBeards with Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, and Full Command
(LongBeards are warrior upgrades that are immune to panic, act as a Anti Panic Standard bear for all Warrior units within 6 inchs, and they have +1 Strenght and +1 Weapon Skill)

The Rune Encrusted Toys of the Guilds

Cannon-Rune of Burning(Wounds are Flaming),  95

Grudge Thrower 105
-rune of accuracy (re-roll on scatter dice)
Grudgethrower 110
-rune of accuracy, Rune of Burning (for Regen/Monster sniping)
Bolt Thrower-Engineer(allows BS4 and extra crewman) 60
Bolt Thrower-Engineer 60
Bolt Thrower-Engineer 60

Organ Gun 120 (24 inches, unit takes hits  = to Artillery die at STR5 Armor Piercing)
Organ Gun 120

This my RuneSmith Engineering guild That I am currently in the process of collecting and building. So far I am the proud owner of one Cannon...but the Dwarves are not getting a new Army book for awhile and they are still quite competitive with Awesome Magic defense, rock solid units, the ability to spam Great Weapons on every model, and Magical warmachines that can be tooled for every occasion. I have some time to collect and build and this I will do.

The Army is based upon my love for RuneLords and my Love for Dwarven Warmachines. The Army is centered around the RuneSmiths...they are RuneSmiths and Engineers. They Craft their own Warmachines for Reckoning and Enscribd their own Runes too. That way they are in complete control of making sure their Grudges are Met. The Great Weapon Warriors represent all the underming workers of my RuneSmiths....they do not wield Shields as they are Craftsmen and Choose to go to Battle with their Large Working Tools...Giant Hammers and Pick Axes and Crafting Axes and Mattocks that they use in their Forges and Craft Halls and Mines. They dig their own ore, they Craft their own Metal, and they enscribd their own Runes. Complete Ritualistic Warriors in every sense...and they represent that on the battlefiend by going shieldless with only their Heavy "Armor" work gear and Large Craft Tools. The LongBeards Represent the Eldest and most respected Guildmasters and Craftsmen of the Guilds. They too represent their Role in Life on the BattleField with their Work Gear and Heavy Craft Tools. These LongBeards form the Personal Retinue for Starthalaz the Rune Lord and the Warriors act as Guardsmen for the Master RuneSmiths Thorne and Matthiaz. The Load of Warmachines that follow their host in the personal Toys of the guild and are used extensivly to Settle the Grudges for the Guildsmen.


This Army is completely a Turtle Phalanx style army. When deploying Terrain I make sure there is highground in each deployment zone, that way I can set up my Warmachines to face any threat and shoot over my Warriors. I use the Warmachines to the full extent and pick off one unit a turn with them from concentrated fire...after the other players army is weakened I either back off and continue shooting or I push forward with all 75 of my Great Weapon Wielding Toughness 4 Dwarves and finish off whats left.

Each of my Runesmiths Generate a dispell dice, and my RuneLord generates 2 Dispell Dice,,,so I start the magic phase off with 4...and the average of two dice is 7 so I typically start the phase off with more dispell dice than you have casting dice ^.^ Their roles in the squad is just magic defense and extra str6 attacks in combat, sort of like a powerfist wielding champion in 40k. Same goes for the RuneLord...he is just extremely durable and I plan to use him as a Wall for any DeathStars that come on my side of the board...with toughness 5 and a rerollable 1+save and 4+ ward save he is an extremely tough nut to crack, and he also has some str 6 action going on as well.

The Warmachines do what Warmachines do BLOW STUFF UP...they also focus on Deathstars and rip them apart...and they Really hurt Monsters and the Grudgethrower is designed for Monster/Regen Unit sniping. It can re-roll its scatter die to ensure that it hits the Target and with those flaming shots it will cause havok upon any regen monster..hydras, Rat abominations, troll units, Varghulfs. Same goes for the flaming Cannon

Deployment:    Warriors-Organ gun-LongBeards-Organ Gun-Warriors
                                 Grudge thrower-BT-BT-BT-Grudge thrower
-the right hand Warrior unit extends out a little so that it has some reach on any Flanking Units that would cause any harm to the Warmachines. the Organ guns are closer so that they can make sure their 24 inch range comes into effect as soon as the other player moves.

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