Saturday, June 16, 2012


So I have recently finished buying and finally modeling pretty much every single model that a daemon player could want or use in any situation. Ive got the whole codex sitting on my desk waiting to be Painted.

After playing the Wood Elves competitivly for the last 7 years, after massacareing everything in my path with them I am giving them a rest until the new Army Book. This is not cause they are "weak" or cause 8th edition has nerfed them in any way shape or form. It is because they do need a rest...ive gotten to the point where during the first turn ive planned my whole game out and im just going through the motions and hoping the dice favor me. So....because of this blandness I have acquired for my Beloved Wood Hippies I am now releasing my Daemons into Fantasy. This is the not the first time I have used them..ive been playing them pretty harshly for the last 4ish years...but now I am only playing them.

This is my Current List:

--BloodThirster  490
-Armor of Khorne(3+)
-Immortal fury(Hatred)

Herald of Tzeentch Level 2 Wizard 140
 -Flames of Tzeentch (d6 str4 shooting attack)

Herald of Tzeentch
 -Flames of Tzeentch Level 2 Wizard 140

Herald of Khorne 140
 -Armor of Khorne
 -Soul Hunger( reroll to wound(hes got killing blow, so this allows forced killing blow rolls)

21 BloodLetters (Khorne Herald lives here) 276
-Standard, Champion

10 Pink Horrors 120
-level 1 wizard (Flickering fire of Tzeentch)

10 Pink Horrors 120
-level 1 wizard (Flickering fire of Tzeentch)

5 Screamers of Tzeentch 150
(any unit they fly over suffers a str 5 hit per model that flew over it)

6 Flamers of Tzeentch 210 (tzeentch Herald Goes Here)
(d6 str4 shots per model)

6 Flamers of Tzeentch 210 (Tzeentch Herald Goes Here)
(d6 str4 shots per model)

Basic Tactics:
-bloodThirster....He Flys..has Ws10, str6,T6,5W,Intiative9,7Attacks, 3+ward save aginst magic, 3+ Armor Save, and Hatred. I deploy him find the Weakest part of the other players line and Rip it to Spreads..exposing their army for my Flamers to rip it apart and the BloodLetters to finish off the surviviors

-both Tzeentch Herald join the Flamer units. The Flamers are 2 wound skirmishing deathstar mobile machines guns. They marche 10 inches, fire off up to 36 shots (42 with the Herald), and if you go into combat you have to deal with 12 str 5 attacks and unbreakable Daemon goodness. These two units are set up on each flank of my Army, moving and weaving through the other players army with swift unrelenting death. The Heralds are level 2 wizards that have the famer upgrade and at the same time can cast some of the most powerful magic in the game, Including Glean Magic (Allows me to cast any of your spells) and Bolt of change ( d6+4 Hits at Strength 2d6) BOOM!!!!

-The Herald of Khorne Joins the BloodLetter Squad to form the Centerline of my Deamons. They are unbreakable, ws5, str5, 5+ward save, killing blow, and Hatred. They are slice and Dice Machines. They do not fear anything in the game and are quite capable of going toe to toe with any unit thrown at them. The Herald leads the Squad with ws7,str6,intiative6, and killing blow and hatred. He has Soul Hunger that makes him an excellant Character hunter. Soul Huner allows the re-roll to wound(Forcing the killing blow), so with rerolls to hit and to wound and intiative 6 in any Duel his is almost unstoppable in hand to hand combat. This Unit Holds the centerline of the Army and Looks for the most Daring Squad to come close to it

-Pink Horrors. The unit counts as a WizardThey are an excellant support of the best in the game. The unit strenght determines the Wizard level, and 6 models makes it a level 1 Wizard. They are excellant support because for 120 Points I can maybe generate a dispell dice, or a casting dice. I can also cast Flickering fire (casts on a 4+..range 18, (d6+1 Hits at Str d6+1) They take the Flanks of the BloodLetter Squad and provide magic support for the BloodLetters or help finish off units that the Flamers/Tzeentch Heralds have been Pounding on

-Screamers of Tzeentch. Also an Awesome Cheesy support Unit. They are Flying Skirmishers. Str3, t3..ehh W/e....their Strenght is found in their Slashing attack during the movement Phase. Any enemy unit they fly over suffers a str5 hit per screamer that flew over it. So the big tactic with these guys is to follow a flamer Deathstar or follow the bloodThirster right behind them. That way they are a skirmishing unit in cover from your squad so shooting is hard to accomplish anything with. Then Once you hit the center of the Board you just fly over as many of the other players units as possible..and if you do it correctly you can hit 3-4 units causing up to 20 overall str 5 hits per turn. That is damage.


  1. so how have you found that people stop the blood thirster? have people stopped him? haha.

    1. Well for the most part you can send him in any almost every game he gets his own choice of what he wants to attack and since he is a flyer for the most part the other player just has to be submissive to him. A good Way to stop him is to trap him with a large worthless brick of soldiers and then flank charge him..forcing him to take daemonic unbreakable checks ("fearless checks")...that way his own rules take care of himself. And of course Artillery...he only has a 5+ ward save against a well placed cannon or Grdugethrower or a Repeater Crossbow Bolt or two is usually enough to stop him dead in his tracks....but of course a smart Daemon Player will make sure that the bloodthirster gets stuck in a medium sized unit for a turn or two and then allow his Tzeentch Buddies to take care of artillery,,and then when the bloodthirster finishes off his unit he reforms and faces in the most tactical direction