Friday, June 15, 2012

The Grey Knight Effect

The Grey Knight Effect:

So how many clubs out there are experiencing the same thing as we are?

The Grey Knight effect…

Has literally killed the 40k community at our club. Now we will have some die hards, but in general, people simply are no longer that that interested in 40k. mainly due to grey knights. And honestly, for our guys, I do feel bad for them. They were not the bandwagoners that most of the people who know play GKS are. They had been waiting for that book forever and most of their army still consists of the old GW models. But what are the rest of us supposed to do? When we have the option of many other game systems or opponent to pick, why on earth would anyone want to play against the Grey Knights?

We are hoping 6th edition can bring balance to the force, for the sake of the game, for the same of our club members who play grey knights, play against grey knights and for the community at large.

For now, we have suggested to our guys that they run an army other than grey knights. Oh look, they get more games in. big surprise. I hope this is just a short lived time period in the 40k timeline, and they 6th brings hope for a bright future.

It will be nice timing that our fantasy league will be ending right at the beginning of 6th edition. It was a nice jaunt into the fantasy realm of wizards and knights, but I am ready for some chainsword and bolter action again.

To arms!


  1. Ah, so this is why I'm having trouble selling them off! Its a shame, because I wasn't even having much fun using them. They should never have made them an independent army. I love the fluff, but they should be a small strike force, not a full army.

  2. This is Brandon BLizzard just so Everyone the guy with the Daemons if you dont know my Name ^.^

    Brother Cornelius you are correct. Right now I am at the Point that if someone ask's me to play and I know they have a hard ass Grey Knight army packed in their case I just like ok sure...take my beating..and move on to the next player. I am lucky in the sense that I pretty much just Ignore the Grey Knights. I really dont care about them. When I go to tournaments and they are there I try my hardest and if I lose I just move on and dont take a second thought on it. I just brush it off lol I think at this point players should just casually ignore people if they are playing grey knights. They ask for a game, you say no, and then ask someone close by if they want to play and then sit down and have a great game, and leave the Knights player alone

  3. Have you tried ebay? there are plenty of trollers and peddlers on there that would buy your army if nothing else than to take a chance to resell them for higher. I think people are fearing the nerf bat and they just arne't making that move to buy more models right now...

    but, I could see people being turned away by them as well. no one wants to be 'that guy' in the club running the uber army.

    @ brandon, yeah man, that is EXACTLY the scene we are experiencing. I honestly feel bad for our long time GK players, they waited for so long for a new book and when they finally got one, now, no one wants to play a game with them.. :/

    1. Yeah it does suck for them...everyone wants a stronger codex...and no one really desires a broken codex. Because no one does want to be "that guy" in the club.

      Honestly I think they should have kept the codex similar to what it was be for. Lots of high tech Units that were overcosted, but could handle anything in their path.

      This codex gave grey knight players exactly what they needed...but at the same time GW forget to include proper costs for upgrades and limits on upgrades for the squads. 55 Points for a paladin..and the paladin is better in almost every way than other codex;s best kitted out Character....

      I hope that grey knights do not get nerfed..I hope they just get balanced out with the other codex's..and honestly they do not need to touch their rules...they just have to change the rules in the book that make them as overpowered as they are

  4. At GW nobody minds playing grey knights. They are still too expensive in points and are just as easy to kill as marines.