Monday, March 29, 2010

How to get your army started

I found an interesting article and I thought that it would really apply to us! Give it a read, it has some great tips on how to have FUN while starting out with 40k!


I enjoyed it, hope you do too!


  1. wow, great find Moros. I really enjoyed this article. I had the exact same experience this past week when a friend and I split an assault on black reach kit. 35$ a piece for the set, in which I got 10 tacts, term squad and a dread. can't beat that deal. But as I was furiously assembling the models, I noticed that I started cutting corners to get them completed. the desire to have them all finished, not even painted, but modeled. I didn't want to wait for certain accessories I wanted, etc.

    If there is one piece of advice I can give, its to echo the author of that article. GO SLOW. throw your legs and torso of your unit on the base and use that to play for as long as you need. and do not be afraid to proxy your units to try out new builds and strats.

    Again, great find Moros, maybe this will inspire you to finish your troops up eh? :) maybe It'll inspire me to finally buy the paints I need to finish my termies up eh?

  2. Yeah! I hope I can muster up the will to finish my troops! I think I am, taking my time is paying off and I am really getting an army together that I am proud of.