Friday, March 12, 2010

March 40k day Necron pov

Not much is more frustrating than having your monolith being one shotted on turn one. That being said the day did go pretty well otherwise. I learned a LOT this past weekend, mostly about vehicles. Previous to last weekend my only encounter with vehicles had been against an ork player in a very low points cost game. Due to my overconfidence in my destroyers ability to get glancing hits I chose to take no heavy destroyers. The teams ended up being the chaos space marines and the Dark Angels against Nids, Orks and my Crons. None of us were prepared for the huge amount of vehicle spam, or the amount of blast and ordnance templates being dropped on the board (By the way Brother Cornelius HACKS I have only once or twice seen him roll anything other than a direct hit on the scatter die).

The match was very fun but I felt kinda like an underdog considering the armor and vehicles so prevalent in both the armies we were playing against. None of the players on my team had a solid answer to either of these two very large threats. Once again I must state that I learned a lot, in the future I will be taking heavy destroyers. I even got to use my new found knowledge on Tuesday.

while were on the topic Tuesdays game was the real highlight of the week for me just a 2000 point game me vs Moros. The game ended in a tie but it could have gone either way. The main tactic I used was the destroyer lord with war-scythe and scarab swarms to soak up the wounds. This is such a good way to take out some vehicles I can't recommend it enough to Necron players. I also took a unit of heavy destroyers to help get through all that armor. These two simple tactics allowed me to play on par with Moros and his thousand suns. Can't wait to play another game. Next time you shall not be so fortunate Moros.

-Forsaken Name

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  1. It was a mighty battle on Tuesday... And we are always fortunate, because fortune follows the whims of Tzeentch!