Monday, March 8, 2010

40k Day Review!

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming out to another fun 40kday! Got to add a new person to the club, very exciting! I hope you had a good time.

I wanted to start reviewing the matches we play so that we can critique each other and improve our games! Knowledge is power! so in light of that, I propose that at the end of every 40k day we all post our feedback from the match or matches played from your own perspective. What was going through your head? What worked well for you? What didn't work so well? What did you learn? What really pissed you off? :P

We can all comment on each others posts and hopefully through constructive criticism we can all learn to play a lot better. That's what I really like about 40k, even though we are squaring off against each other we are all still on the same team. We are helping each other, even when it means beating ourselves sometimes!

So, Here is my opinion of the battle!

First of all, I felt like the dice picked pretty unfair teams experience wise. Now, even with that on our side, Brother C and I are by no means "good" at 40k yet. But I think the fact that we've played more games definately was a big factor right from the start.

We also won the dice roll and elected to go second, which was a HUGE help on the board we played on. Our ability to react to the other teams deployment really set the pace of the game right from the beginning. We were able to avoid the most dangerous side of the board, the ork horde, and just forget about that control point all together. This forced the orks to slug it all the way across the board.

Our second, and ultimately the biggest advantage that I saw was that we had a TON of vehicles and armor on our side and the opposing team didn't bring much anti-vehicle or blast weapons. Because of this we decided early on to castle up on the right corner and make a very solid fire base for our artillery.

The big thing I learned from this match was that genestealers are beastly! They are extremely deadly in close combat and wiped out one of my chaos marine squads instantly. I think they were used well, as well as they could be. Their lack of support was really what left them high and dry on the right flank. But they are most definitely something to be feared.

Also, the necron monolith that got destroyed in the first round of shooting. I was kinda sad about that. It really gave us an advantage when it went down. But I still think it was total luck that it was destroyed so easily. Time will tell however. I'd like to see it in action some more to get a better idea of how powerful it really is.

It was an awesome time! I thought everybody played well with all things considered! I felt that it was a really good learning match and hope that we can have some more in the future!


  1. Agni Prime is furious of the death of his brood lord. The carnifex will return and slay all tanks that dare challenge the hive mind!

  2. I agree with most of what Moros has said here. It was an epic match, much fun for all, and at the end of the day, alot of dead warriors were strewn across the battlefield. It was nice having some of the newer players involved, as well as some just thinking about starting into the hobby. This is exactly what 40k day is for. Its about the community, engaging the members, and inviting new people into the game.