Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Entry for Umbra Atrum

I was very proud of the showing by the Disciples of Caliban on 40k day. I was a little nervous about how well my squishy tacts would hold against the relentless ork hordes and the nidzilla steamroller. In fact, they did very well, outfitted with plasma guns, pistols and power weapons, they really held there own as the enemy time and time again through their waves of foolish oppressors against the wall of dark angel green. The Lion had bestowed much might on the few who still fought for righteousness.

The match really turned once all threats to armor where disposed of. (of which there were very few) The venerable dread carrying Brother Nicholas quickly took the field and assaulted the less than equipped necron forces. Even the great orb of resurrection was not match for where Nicholas sent those soulless automatons.

The whirlwind and predator continually reigned fury upon the unprotected armies of the orks, leaving nothing but craters of smoldering ash to fuel their fervor.


I'm not sure what the point of the monolith for the necron forces was. It seemed misused and underutilized. Perhaps a different strategy for this unit would better suit the army the necron player fielded. As Moros has pointed out, time will tell, as it fell victim to the dice gods very early in the match. I feel that scarabs are really key to a necron force, especially in a 1000 point match. providing cover saves for destroyers and heavy destroyers would have proved challenging for our artillery to overcome.

The ork player is very new to warhammerdom and it showed. We are helping this apprentice along and he would have benefited from less troops but better equipped troops. Essentially no range, and no AV, is a recipe for disaster against 3 mechanized marines.

Now this is a debate I was having with my own forces, but Agni Prime's forces were very strong indeed. Having the benefit of a shiny new codex, is a double edged sword in my opinion. Everyone is awestruck by the uber units which are always released, and as such they sacrifice numbers for sheer power. Thus, his forces of 2 troop units + HQ with 2 heavy support, just was not enough diversity or plain numbers to contend with 3 balances marine armies. Having both heavies be burrowers also meant, for most of the game he would only have 2 troop squads on the field. its just not enough bodies to absorb range fire. You can't have your troops doing all the work for the entire army. Less your army is all troops (go Dark Angels!).

It was a fun match. the three opposing players definitely learned the value of having some AV in their armies. A new player was introduced to the game, and again, carnage is always a reward.

as for myself, I think I could have been a little more aggressive with my dread, especially once we knocked out their AV units. I still think I underestimate him. I think that is true for our entire side in the match. We should have really assaulted and tried to wipe them. I understand it was a friendly game, but against more serious players we need to exploit weaknesses a bit better.The whirlwind in a 2000 point game seems worthless, but in a 1000 point game, troops are on foot, and prime targets. It was definitely worth its pointage in this match.

of course I always think Moros needs to get his HQs more involved in the matches. He drops oodles of points on them and they usually barely get to see action. He just camps in his little tin cans in the back, shooting with lass's and the defiler cannon, and fends off enemies that approach, but with his HQ choices, I believe he should be getting in the enemies face much more than he is. Although, you really can't argue with victories now can you?

great fight guys, looking forward to next month's match. April 3rd. location to be determined.

Brother C.

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