Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1850 Dark Angels Cabin Fever List Ready to Deploy

Brother c here...

Dark Angels are ready for deployment.. 2 days till the tournament..

just letting everyone know there is a slew of postings coming, Moros and i have been real busy getting our forces ready for Cabin Fever. Here is mine... let's hope the recent updates to the DA FAQ helps..

full battle reports, photos, writeups, opionions, analysis, blah blah blah, coming next week of the tourney.

for now.. be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates on schedules and our member 1k tourney on Feb. 12th.

-Brother C


  1. OMG! Amazing! Congrats on an a great job man!

    Hopefully we don't have to play each other at the tourney! lol

  2. Well, you wont face each other in the first turn, and most likely first 2 turns. They are pretty good about regulating things like that.

  3. Yes.

    You will NOT face each in the first game. Afterthat, its where the dice fall.

    Nice job on the army C. Make sure you flock the bases though- it will help a soft score or two.