Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death By Chainswords!!

I have finally concocted a new list that I am dying to try out. It seems pretty good, my only worry is no one havin a 2K list for me to play against. I took an immediate liking to the Death Company when I started playing 40k. They are literally awesome with but a few flaws. My first Death Company themed list went down in flames, but i took the advice of a close friend and made a few changes. I'm pretty sure that 45 (on the charge) weapon skill 5, strength 5 (on the charge),initiative 5 (on the charge) power weapon attacks that re-roll all failed to hit AND to wound will do some damage. So here it is.

HQ: Astorath the Grim-220

Death Company Tycho-175

Elites: Terminator Assault Squad-200
+5x Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield-25

Furioso Dreadnaught-125
+Frag Cannon & Blood Talons-free
+Magna Grapple-15
+Heavy Flamer-10

Troops:15 Man Death Company Squad-300
+15x Power Swords-225
+Drop Pod-35
+Death Company Tycho

15 Man Death Company Squad-300
+15x Jump Packs-225
+Astorath the Grim

Heavy Support: Vindicator-145

TOTAL: 2000


  1. lose the vindicator. i know you love it, but man, you are going to need something to slow down the people kiting you around the map. I would try to squeeze in some speeders to more or less just 'get in the way' of these kiting units while your troops plow through what's trapped.

    you need to get a drop pod for that dread as well if you are going to run this list. (maybe drop the flamer and add some survivability like extra armor) I would try it, sounds like a lot of fun to run. Im' looking very forward to playing this list.

    Also, don't worry about finding people to play at 2k. we have been hosting events once a week, there is always someone to play at 2k. plus, after this weekend cabin fever is over and its back to 2k for most of us.

    you should also look at developing a 1k list based on the models you currently have for the 1k tourney we are running on Feb. 12th at the club. (members only) we could just add a little paint to what you have, and it'll work. we will get in like 5 games in one day. you can't beat that type of experience even if its not your perffered list to run and all.

  2. Well, you wont face each other in the first turn, and most likely first 2 turns. They are pretty good about regulating things like that.

  3. Hmmm.... I'm not sure how I'd fight this given nothing in it is a unit I fear holding an objective. It s an easy army to lead around by the nose- almost easier than leading Black Templars around the table (and that can be very easy).

    @ 525 points for a Troop Unit, you sir are giving me HIVES!. :) 1 bombardment or a vindicator shot that is double tough and ignores armor.... and you are out a lot of points that aren't to do anything.

    You would be FAR better served breaking them in to smaller units... Less to tie up in a fight due to bad dice and less to have disappear on you to a lucky hit.

    I understand its a themed force (how kill can you get a list?) but to me you have fallen into the Toy Trap (and Death Company with pw's on everyone is a trap!

    If I can make the Lancaster game day, I'd like to fight this. Alternately, if you can make the Berks Day on the 5th, I can play you there.

  4. Suggestion.

    Break the DC units up in to smaller sizes. Two 7-man and two 8-man units, mixing in the power weapons into them. It will help prevent being tar-pitted by units good at it (hormagaunts and Ork boyz).

    With two large units of DC, a competent and experienced Ork player will throw a unit of choppa/sluggas at you, slow you down then hit you with another Mob. Doing so removes the benefit of getting that charge and the s5 hits. Yeah, you will still go first against Orks... but tehy can and will wear you down.

    Against Tyranids, its a long day...!