Friday, January 14, 2011

3++ DA

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah..

there was some good news and some potential bad news today from GW.

they released an updated DA FAQ and it has made some ammendments to the codex in which many of the newer marine-type armys skills/abillities have finally migrated to the DA codex.

I'm talking things such as..

3++ invuln save on my storm shields

the CORRECT power of the machine spirit

Heavy 2 cyclones

Barrage on the whirlwind (select weapon at time of FIRE not at beginning of game)

and FNP apothecaries.

SAD FACE :( they also gave us the new smoke rules.. no more cover saves stacking with all pens are now glances.

so.. what's the bad news..??

I noticed that GW did not update many of the older codexes such as Necrons... why is this? My guess is, is because they are rumored to be receiving a new dex in the upcoming year, no sense to release a detailed FAQ while you can correct any issues with a new release ... meaning... DA wont' be getting a new dex anytime soon. GW decided to give them a little boost.. making them semi-competitive (up for debate) until they can get a new dex. I like the effort here. I've been whining for awhile why they didn't just do this, it seemed so easy to just alter without changing any dynamics of how the army plays.

Cheers to you GW!

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