Monday, January 17, 2011

DA vs. CSM 1850 battle report.

Dark Angels vs. CSM (thousand sons)

Spearhead – Capture and Control

<--sorry no pics yet - Moros is too busy hoarding them and 'doesn't have enough time' to update blog/picasa' (that's right!) -->

Thousand Sons win the roll and elect to go second. Dark Angels keep everything in reserve.

Dark Angels place objective in his far corner. Tsons place in their corner – close to center. Both are out in the open.

Tsons deploy in typical castle formation rhinos in front, defilers behind, land raider on the flank and one dread on the opposite side of board to prevent a flank attack.

Turn 1.

The entire Tson castle formation moves closer to my objective. Dread moves up towards DA table edge.

Turn 2.

The entire Tson castle formation moves closer to my objective. Dread moves up towards DA table edge.

DA gets Land Raider full of Brother Adso (Belial) and friends, 2x land speeders and a TL las razorback with 5man tact + flamer. Speeders turbo up and behind a large terrain piece in the center of the board. Trying to stall his advance on my objective, plus he has to deal with them in his turn or I’m well within range of double tap on the MMs.

Termies get out of LR and assault cannon explodes the rhino transport filled with a squad of Tsons and Ahriman. They lose 4 in the explosion. I’m able to stun the other rhino through the smoke.

Turn 3.

Everything again moves forward and into my territory. He opens up with battle cannons into Adso’s squad, killing one but more importantly immobilizing my LR. (sigh). He manages to shake and blow off the MM on the closest speeder, after putting everything into it, including getting his second troop squad out of his rhino to try to glance it to death. (it moved flat out so all is needed is an immobilized result and it will be wrecked)

DA gets heavy bolter razorback, dread, 2x preds and the remaining term squad in. second speeder zips over to try to get a MM shot at their LR, risky since he is now in range of being assaulted by the defilers, but its doing its job just harassing my opponent’s advance. Termies walk on and shoot at his Tsons, killing half of them. Speeder wiffs at his LR, shaken speeder fires heavy flamer into tson squad killing a few. Adso and friends open up on ahriman and troop company and kill a few. All of the DA anti armor shooting is failing to pen and rolling 1s on the vehicle damage chart (that’s right.. 5 1s in a row on the vehicle damage chart – while my opponent has everything possessed – sigh again).

Turn 4-5.

Tson LR moves up and termies get out and rapid fire combi-plasma my term squad down. (gg can’t make 1 5+ invuln). LR immobilizes my dread. Ahriman and crew hide behind a large piece of terrain in the middle. My speeder eats a ton of fire but I end up losing both this round, one of which to a heavy flamer. But it got revenge when it exploded and took out another 2 tsons. (funny how that actually equals about the same pointage) He also immobilized my heavy bolter razorback.

DA gets remaining TL las razorback. DA focus fires everything at the chaos terms and drops the squad. Tact squad gets of a heavy bolter razorback and begins to move in on the objective. Adso’s squad also continues to move toward it as well. A lot of wiffs on the armor shooting again, but he is losing troops left and right. He is down to just a handful left combined out of two squads.

Turn 4-5.

Tsons move in for the contest on my objective. Dread, pred, and las razorback try to defend. Pred takes an enormous amount of fire and ends up just being 2x weapon destroyed, immbolized, and stunned. Tsons are within contest range. CSM dread moves up and assaults the tacts and termies. Tacts wiff on grenades, dread takes out a term, and then gets punked by a powerfist. DA consolidates and moves to capture, but a defiler blocks the way. Adso had broken off last round and was heading towards the remaining troop hiding behind terrain(all he had was 1 lonely sorc left from his squad). Ahriman finishes off the tacts trying to control his objective.

DA pours lots of fire into the contesting rhino on his objective but to no avail. Everything wiffed. terms assault cannon down the defending defiler. Adso attacks the sorc, who makes 4, 4+ invuln saves and then manages to force weapon down the master of the deathwing. Consolidates towards his objective.

And.. that’s where the game ended. We decided to call it a draw. (even if the game could have gone on longer) I was going to smoke ahriman and sorc this round and capture his objective and the defiler and rhino were going to capture mine.

Some key things here again were my land raider and heavy bolter razorback being immobilized on turn 2 really hurt, as I had to run across the table on foot. Tasty pickings for an opponent loaded to the gills with battle cannons and havocs. The speeders were great, delaying and threatening the early turns, allowing me to get my forces in order. Adso (Belial) got punked by the sorc.. not much I can really do about that. I can’t assume he’s going to make 3, 4++ saves on me like that. All in all I’m pretty pleased with how my army fought; I think it was the right choice to sub out my plasma/apoth command squad for the assault cannons, speeders, and ven dread.


  1. Sounds like a good match, C. You know he's not gonna post those photos because he lost,right? :) :)

    Anyways, get any more test matches in?

  2. No, It's cause I'm literally spending every free minute finishing my army for Cabin Fever!

    Not to mention it was a tie :P

  3. I thought you reguarded anything not a win a loss.? :) :) :)

    Anyways- see you at Cabin Fever!