Monday, January 3, 2011

WIP - Dark Angels Apothecary

Brother C here,

so what did you do on your christmas break?

well, I have been diligently getting my army painted for Cabin Fever. More posts on that upcoming. I've managed to finish painting all my rhino chases and now I'm up to my land raider. I have also been on the look out to purchase apothecary bitz so I can convert one of my tacts for my command squad apothecary.

sadly, everyone has been sold out for weeks if not months... so.. I decided to make my own version of what I think a DA apothecary may have looked like back on Caliban.

I have taken parts from the ravenwing battleforce kit, Dreadnought heavy flamer bit, the imperial strong point kit and modified legos.

It's still rough obviously since it's not painted and I had to hack up some of the previous paint job to fit the pieces where I wanted them.

comments? suggestions? flames?


  1. I like it a lot dude!

    Although, I thought apothecarys were supposed to be wearing white armor :P

  2. if they follow the foolish emperor they do

  3. Holy Smoke! no really is that thing on his belt supposed to be like the ones that catholic priests use to smokify stuff? anyway awesome paint job i really like the model.

  4. um.. I don't know what kind of catholic priests you visit.. but.. smokify stuff? haha. it is a censor. the Knights of Lupus burn a variety of cultivated root structures from plant species originally derived from Caliban. These 'virgin specimens' still hold many secrets of the chaotic taint that had been growing wild on our planet. If not for that fool of a Lion, the great altars of Lupus would still burn with the same plant life today. As it remains, we must carry and protect these burnt offering with our lives. It wards us against the death beasts and allures the traitor angels out of hiding.