Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahriman's Renegades vs Necrons! - Battle Report

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, its been a crazy few weeks.

I did it! I finally broke my losing streak and got a full fledged win!

Forsaken put up a good fight, but in the end I was able to prevail by keeping the pressure on him hard and shutting down his advancing gunline!For the match we played a seize ground with 5 objectives with pitched battle deployment.

Forsaken won the dice roll and opted to go second. Which usually I would say is a great choice, but in this instance it might have cost him the game. The ability for me to place 3 objectives really helped me lay out the battle field for my advantage.

I spread out in my usual formation and began moving forward to claim the mid-field which was littered with 4 of the 5 objectives. He kept everything but his destroyers, monoliths, and Night Bringer in reserve. So I was relatively safe from shooting. He did manage to exploit my one weakness, my rhinos, and he exploded one of them and it actually managed to kill 2 of my thousand sons. But my Land Raider made it about halfway across the board and then on turn 2 I was able to move in and unload my terminators right into his destroyers that had taken cover in a ruined building. It worked out perfectly because my terminators failed to destroy or route the necrons in the assault so I was able to avoid being shot at for the next round. He wasn't even able to teleport them out to his monolith because he rolled for 2 warrior squads to come in from reserve.

At this point the Night Bringer was bearing down on my mid-field formation. Which is a huge problem for me because I really have no answer for that monster of a unit. I try my best to wound him with my twin-linked lascannons and bolts of change from my sorcerers, but his blasted invuln save kept him up. So I did what I could do, I kited him around the field as best I could.

Meanwhile on the left flank my dreadnoughts were doing their job, absorbing mass amounts of fire and keeping it off of my defilers. I have been honestly pretty pleased with their performance in most of my games. They really do offer up a nice distraction and are usually worth their price. I haven't even had a problem with fire frenzy believe it or not!

Over on the right flank my defiler moved into assault range on one of the teleported in warrior squads and engaged them. They were torn to pieces and forced to teleport out of combat in the next turn. But this really put my defiler in perfect range to assault his monolith. Liths are a beast to kill, but if anything in my army has a shot at it, its the defilers. I didn't manage to kill it, but I destroyed two weapons and forced it to keep falling back.

The Terminators continued their rampage through mid-field as I offered up my land raider to the night bringer and he took the bait, slowing him down for another turn. He did everything but kill it, with it down to only its heavy bolter. The Terminators managed to destroy two more warrior squads and absorb a HUGE amount of firepower. They more than payed for themselves this game.

The game ended with my remaining Thousand Sons squad charging the objective and actually holding off the Night Bringer! He was unable to even hurt the Thousand Sons in melee combat!

All in all it was a great game and I had a ton of fun!


We forgot to take pictures of this particular round, But I do have some old pictures that I wanted to share, so here check them out of me fighting forsaken!

And yes, the first image really happened during the course of the game and we didn't set it up like that, the next round that warrior even managed to destroy the battle cannon!!!


  1. great report. poor crons. no love again.

    I keep telling Forsaken to try to go first in his matches to lay down some destroyer hurt before the opponent has a chance to even play. he wants to take the field advantage as well, not let his opponent be the one to dictate how the battlefield will lay.

  2. To be honest what cost me the game was Moros making all his armor saves on his terminator squad. The Assault out of the land raider on turn two just crippled me for the rest of the game. I'm really thinking about taking pariahs more often for the war-scythe beatdown.

    It was a fun game, but I don't think I will be reserving all my units in the future, while it's the standard necron tactic It didn't seem to be worth it to me.

    The Liths really held their own and one even lasted two rounds of being chased by a defiler. I learned a few things about reserves and how they affect my game play. I really envy how everyone else has vehicles all over the board while I have a single vehicle and I don't have a single transport.

  3. Yeah it was a great match from a learning and tactical view. I really learned a lot.

    Crons really do need some kind of melee backup, once you get in combat its pretty much a guaranteed loss against most of them.

    Maybe instead of sending the Night Bringer in on offense keeping him back as a defense would be good.

  4. you took 2 liths? yeah, I thought you were sticking with pariahs. they serve as a great threat to help protect someone from assaulting your warriors outright.

    I think monstrous creatures need to be on the offensive. especially the deceiver, it can freaking run in and out of combat all day. epic.