Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway! - Logo Design Competition!

I am honored to have won a brand new Space Marine Dreadnought from Inquisitor Lord Aki!

I was reading through his blog and noticed he was doing a free give away as part of the Super Blog Chain Give Away and I thought, "hey, why not try?" and I actually won! I am so excited because this will actually complete my 2000 point army! I don't need to use paper cut-outs anymore! YEY!

For those of you that don't know, the Super Blog Chain Give Away is a nice little "pay it forward" kind of event for those of you that have blogs. The rules are simple! All you need to have is an actually updated blog, and something that you could give away for free. It has to be something decent, not like a paint pot or something. Whoever wins the give away from one persons blog has to give away their item to somebody else! It is up to the winner how said item will be won.

Aki basically had people write in as to why they deserved/wanted to win one of three things. He ended up picking me because he liked an article I wrote!

Now that it is my turn, I am offering up a FREE and brand new still on the sprues Chaos Predator!

Now, how do you go about winning it?

Well, first you need to become a follower of our blog. Then, you need to comment on this post with your blog and what you would be willing to offer up for the give away were you to win. And finally, the thing that will determine if you win or not! Lancashire Wargaming needs a logo! So design us one! The winning logo entry will receive the Chaos Predator for free!

And remember, the Chaos Predator is the exact same spure as the Space Marine one it just comes with an extra sprue of spikes! So even if you're those vile loyalists you can still get in on this!

This competetion will be going for about 3 weeks and I will post updates on the blog to remind you! So have at it!


  1. don't you have to have something new in box to pass along to the next person as well? or is this strictly a logo design competition?

  2. read the post? It says that right there!

  3. I spent a bit of time in photoshop working up a logo for this. Check it out at

    I'm willing to give away 5 OOP Metal Eldar Dark Reapers if I win, and I may sweeten it a bit with some other OOP Metals.

    I love the idea of the Blog Chain Giveaway, and how it has expanded peoples connections in the miniature wargaming community.

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