Saturday, September 25, 2010

Battle Report Video!

Here is another video report of a really exciting battle we had this past Thursday. Ahriman's Renegades (CSM - Thousand Sons theme) caught The Disciples of Caliban (Dark Angels) by surprise with a flank attack!

It was a brutal and bloody battle. Using the battle mission book we got the Eldar - Flank Attack! mission. I gotta say, this is a really interesting mission, it stretched my strategic thinking and helped me to think outside of the box with my list. For this particualar mission we rolled off and Brother C. was the 'enemy'. This meant that I was pretty much going first and I got the extra cool option of being able to outflank anything that I left in reserve. This was huge! I was able to outflank my chaos dreadnoughts! And to top it all off I didn't have to roll for which side they came in on, it was my choice! The benefit for Brother C. in this mission was that there are only 3 objectives and 2 of them are in his deployment zone way on the other side of the board from me.

I really needed to think about how I was going to play this, I needed to basically control the one objective deep in my territory and do a feint move on one of his flanks to draw the majority of his army there, contest that objective then either capture or contest the other one. For the most part my plan worked out, but he was able to finish off my troops squad in his territory with some really lucky rolling! He also managed to stun my land raider and end the game on turn 5 when it was ready to just plop on his objective.

All in all it was a great game, but I did manage to do more damage to him than he did to me thanks to my terminators tar pitting his entire army. They really earned their armor this fight!

Check out the report!


  1. This was such a fun mission eventhough it was a tie. I was trying out a new build with dakka preds and ass cannons on my terms. honestly, against most armies, this would prove to be a viable change, but not against 3 defilers (would you like some wine with that cheese?) I needed to stop their charge more than I needed more dakka. so... it was, what it was. I had a blast and for the record, I did have a multi-melta left on that tac squad for that LR.

    great fight, fuxed up royally on the IC in assault phase. bah. lesson learned.

    can't wait till this saturday.

  2. Yep, I really thought you did a good job playing more aggressively tho. You were always pretty reserved in your play style. I think your guys are actually pretty decent in combat when you use the right tactics.

    Denying me the win was almost and art form! I can't believe you stopped me to be honest! I was so close to the contest on that last point!