Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 40k Day Round-up!

Hey all Moros here! This past Saturday was the best 40k day yet! We had a handful of new people and got in a lot of games!

Over the course of the day we managed to have six 2000 point games played and two lower point games. Overall a great success and the most games our humble club has had so far! Not bad for a few months of operation!

Including our guests we had a great array of armies represented. We had Chaos Space Marines Undivided, Chaos Space Marines Thousand Sons Themed, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Necrons, and Codex Space Marines. They were just handing out power armor like candy I guess!

I can't comment too much on the other games but the matches I had were bloody and close! I had a really good time getting to know some of the Berks guys and being able to take part in some really competitive matches. My first game (Using my Thousand Sons) was verses the Space Wolves 13th Company lead by Berek. It was a 2000 point seize ground (5 Objectives) spearhead match-up.

The entire flow of the battle was different from what I was used too, because of the way we deployed and moved in the first turns the game basically panned out as a Space Wolf Rush down the entire 6 foot length of the table, it was really something to see! They stole the initiative from me. I castled up in on my short edge and let loose the battle cannons, havoc launchers, and lascannons. I got first blood on his long-fangs and immobilized his land raider which really helped me slow down his advance. He had two rhino's filled with space wolves coming down my left flank and the contents of the land raider with a jump pack squad coming down the right flank. At this point his wolf scouts came in behind my lines and blew up one of my defilers with their meltagun. My Thousand Sons responded in kind to them, wiping them out, but the damage was done.

His Blood Claws from the land raider, a large squad of 15 of them with a wolf priest within striking range of my Terminators from my land raider. My Terminators unloaded their combi-plasma rapid fire killing 7 wolves and in the ensuing assault wounded the priest and took out the rest of the wolves. More Blood Claws from his rhino's on the left flank joined in the assault on his turn and they overwhelmed the terminators, but the Dark God's were pleased with them.

As I slowly whittled down the Space Wolves it became a cat and mouse game to contest objectives. 5 Objectives is pretty much the worst case scenario for my army as I only have two troop choices because of their insane cost. But I did my best heading him off and I definitely took down far more of his men then he did of mine.

The game ended on turn 7 with us each holding 1 and contesting 2 with the final objective out in no mans land. We also tied on kill points but as his squads were much larger I ended up winning on victory points.

It was a hard fought game and my first against the space wolves. I was happy to have this classic match up and hope to do a nice narrative write up on it soon so keep an eye out for that.

My second game was a 750 point battle vs the Frozen Sons (Codex Marines). I fielded two Thousand Son squads, one with a Rhino, and a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. He fielded two drop pod tactical squads with flamers and missiles and an assault squad lead by a Librarian.

It was objectives with there being 4 on a 4' x 4' Table. So it basically came down to a bloodbath in the middle of the table. He had a bad scatter on his first drop pod and it allowed me to rapid fire 14 AP3 bolters into his marines with no cover. They all died but one and he failed his moral test falling back only to be killed by the Rhino in the next turn.

At this point the assaults knocked out one of my Thousand Son squads and moved in on the second with a huge ensuing melee that lasted 3 or so turns. My Daemon Prince mopped up his second tactical squad and moved in to help the melee. He killed the rest of my Thousand Sons and it was down to the Daemon Prince and his Sergeant. Needless to say, the Daemon Prince won. With that being his last man on the field we called the game my victory. It was fast and bloody, but it was a very fun match.

I really learned a lot about the lower point levels. We usually play 2000 points and 750 felt like it was nothing. But honestly, I really think sometimes the lower point levels take more strategy and tactics than the high point games.

Thanks to everybody that came out! It was a great day! I hope to see you all there next time!

----- Here are some more Pics of the action! Enjoy! -----


  1. Thanks for the pictures. The armies all look fantastic.

  2. I have to say that during this past 40k day I played a couple of great games and generally had a blast! Also Armies did look totally epic the terrain has come a long way too, hopefully I'll have shirts for next months 40k day.

  3. That would be awesome! Glad you had a good time! We are working hard on the terrain for the club, its slow but its coming along.

    If anybody is interested in helping out just drop me a line!

  4. great pics man, I always get so wrapped up into playing that I forget to take some snapshots of the action. yeah, look for an upcoming post about the board I was playing on and how to make some cheap and easy terrain that looks semi-decent. We also had a great discussion with Hector about how to place terrain for your matches and I will hopefully be posting something about that as well.