Friday, September 17, 2010

Force of Chaos vs Exiles of Caliban!

Image from MrChaos

Hey guys! Had a great match last night that I wanted to share with you all!

I decided to stop by a buddy from Berks 40k clubs house and get in a match. Originally I thought I would be fighting the dirty Dark Angels again. But when I got there his brother-in-law, who also plays 40k, was there and he plays mighty Chaos Space Marines as well! So we decided to have an epic battle of 4,000 points per side, Chaos vs Dark Angels!

The Forces of Chaos were The Dragon Warriors of the Black Legion lead by Abaddon The Despoiler (controlled by From_the_warp) and Ahriman's Renegades lead by Ahriman (controlled by myself). We each had 2,000 points to spend and we could use our own force org chart for each of our armies.

The Dark Angels (Exiles of Caliban) were controlled by LordCypher and he was able to use 4,000 points and we even allowed him to take up to 2 force org charts just as we did.

This was a massive battle and I must say, it was on some really good looking terrain! We ended up using the new Battle Missions book and rolling for mission 51, Blitzkrieg. In this mission the board is divided into 4 quarters (basically spearhead). There are 3 objectives placed in a line in across the middle of the board that forms a line between the two deployment zones. But here is the tricky part, ONLY fast attack units are allowed to deploy on turn 1, all other elements of your army MUST arrive from reserves on turn 2 with a 4+!

Being that we were playing the Chaos Space Marine Codex, pretty much all of our fast attack units suck. Warp fielded a unit of 3 Nurgle bikers with an Icon, and that was our only fast attack unit. He thought it would be a good idea to keep them in reserve as well.

Abaddon brought a lot of troops in rhinos with him and his job was to contest the two objectives that were on the far side from our board edge. My job, because my list isn't very good at assaulting, was to hold the objective that was closest to our side. It was a blood bath! I lost a lot of units in the first few turns but eventually Ahriman arrived to put down the loyalist dogs and secure the objective.

Abaddon meanwhile took the middle of the field with blinding power as he crushed through everything in his path.

The Dark Angels responded with Belial and his Land Raider on their closest objective. He killed many Chaos Space Marines and secured their objective.

The game ended in a tie, but when we went to victory points the forces of Chaos just barely won. The over priced ravenwing are to blame!

It was a very interesting mission and I had a blast playing it! Check out the video for more details!

Thanks for having me over!

**Here are some Pics**


  1. Sounds like a great battle.

    I very much agree with the statement that all of the fast attack choices in Codex: Chaos Space Marine suck! Just terrible. But they do have Abaddon!...
    ...yea, still doesn't make up for a terrible fast attack section.

  2. Abaddon was a MONSTER in this game, he slaughtered the enemy terminators without taking a wound and tied up a dreadnought for the rest of the game.

    The amount of pressure he can put on an area of the field is crazy! He's defiantly worth the 275 points imo.

  3. Looks like it was a fun game! Some neat looking terrain and those Chaos Termies look nice.

    I like how you're just as enthused describing how your stuff got blown up as you are when things go well for you. Good show!

    And yes, can move 12 and disembark, no problem.

  4. You know it's a good game when you're joking about how your own figs 'died', and dakkadakka'ing when you shoot or are shot at.

    Too many people play too seriously, I play for fun even in a competition. Why play if you aren't having fun after all.

  5. i'm so jealous I was not able to make this fight. we'll have to have a rematch and have 2 DA versus 2 CSMs. than we'll see!!

    great writeup, and nice video.