Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 40k day

image courtesy of ibrahem swaid

Brother C here,

Just wanted to follow up with my own reactions to LWG's September 40k day. It was great to see a few of our northern rivals from the Berks club come down and join us for some carnage. My first match of the day was against Renegade Angel who brought his force of Chaos Undivided Space Marines. It was a heavy infantry list, something I am not used to facing. My current list is more built for dealing with mechanized armies and the results will show.

Starting off the match as Dawn of War did not help, neither did 4 objectives, however, having terms as troops could have proved an advantage for me as there was not alot in my opponent's list to stop Brother Adso (Belial) and his retinue.

He deployed 2 troops in rhinos as far forward as he could, he would be assaulting by turn 2. I deployed cautiously my lascannon combat squads, having everything else come in on turn 1.

Renegade Angel played very well in this match. He was able to crash onto my objectives on turn 2 thanks to Dawn of War and just when I was seeing some light from the first assault, his deepstrike units and flanking chosen came on the board to make life hell for my flanks. It seemed wherever I made some headway, another unit would appear to deal with. It was a great tactic, I think he chose great locations for his units to come from reserve and they provided more than enough support for my patethic attempts at a counter assault. My terms came on at turn 3 and trudged through some heavy fire, just to get consumed by a wave a red zerkers, taking down just a few in their wake. between oblits and the demonprince, my opponent was able to handle my dreads, allowing his infantry to cover my lines unopposed.

it was a fun match for sure. I tried to hold the back line as waves of CSMs came pouring in. I was able to hold off the push for the most part and if the game went further I could have possibly challenged his objectives. The game ended on turn 6 just as his empty rhinos tank shocked in to contest one objective. so it was a victory for the CSMs, 2 objectives held, DoC only 1 and 1 being contested by that pesky rhino at the end.

Outcome thoughts:

There were a few major things in this match that did not play into my favor.
1. Dawn of War - having his heavy infantry list start halfway across the board was quite the advantage for my opponent. it allowed him to dictate the battle right from the start, I played as well as I could have but there just was not enough time to get back to contest his held objectives. Something my army is definitely lacking - mobility. 0 fast attack units. having my anvil unit come in on turn 5 also hurt. At that point it was more about scrambling for the objectives than it was about pushing my opponent's weak points. I'm still in love with my dreads, they are worth their weight in gold. My one dread kept an assaulting demonprince at bay for 3 turns, and reducing him to 1 wound. the tech marine also proved to be a viable asset. I don't seem him chosen in many DA lists but man, he basically soloed a group of noise marines and finally dropped to another group of chosen, but that was 3 rounds at least of 10v1. the librarian also proved his worth by countering all warp time spell casting and wiping a group of lesser demons and nurgle bikers with hellfire. my epic ability to roll 1s on term armor saves continues. lost 2 to zerker bolt pistols...

it was a decent battle, I would love a rematch, I believe I could have tactically played much better. I don't want to take anything away from Renegade Angel, he played well and the victory was deserved.

Again, thank you everyone who came out and was a part of the September 40k day. hopefully word will spread and we can see more of you in October.


  1. I know the feeling! That right there is why I refuse to use deepstrike! I had 3 games in a row where my terminators came in on turn 5.

    Its just too unreliable.

    Also you should consider taking the shooty terminators with your Dark Angels army. I really think it would help you out more by giving you more of a presence throughout the game and give you a nice escort type unit.

    I wish I had assault cannons!

  2. well, I would agree that deep striking terms is very unreliable. plus any good opponent won't give me opportune places to land. I've debated about the terminator escort but I find that they just are not cost effective in that scenario. For a unit that costs as much as a land raider, they sure do not have much survivability. I'm very seriously considering dropping my terms in my current list as they never seem to serve me well, and hardly ever kill their weight in points.