Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For The Love of the Game! - My 40k Story

Inquisitor Lord Aki has been hounding me for awhile now on the Berks 40k forums for a post I made when I first joined. Basically its the story of how I got involved in 40k. He keeps telling me that it inspired him and I should share it, so here it is!

I started war gaming last November. I knew nothing about it save some video game references. In fact, the real reason my interest in 40k was perked was through playing Dawn of War 2. I really took to the style, background, and game play. My friend Jon (Brother Cornelius) and I decided that we should check out this crazy table top thing. We were blown away once we started doing some research on the internet and watching battle reports.

The community for 40k is amazing and we were sucked in. Reid (Agni of Hive Fleet Agni) got me a rulebook for my birthday and Brother C. got me the Chaos Space Marines Codex. Ever since then we've been delving into blogs, the books, the rulebooks, codex, everything we could get our soon to be glued fingers on.

We aren't rolling in cash, so we had to find a way to play without having any models. We saw on Fritz's blog the idea of playing with paper cut outs to represent the models. We chose our colors and started cutting out some circles. Next thing we knew we were playing some matches and we were instantly hooked! How did we not know about this when we were younger!

To be honest with you, I've played tons of games. I can say with certainty that I know what makes them good or not, and 40k is the best game I've ever played from any genre!

After that we started selling it to our friends and we've been really surprised at how much interest there has been. Left and right, everybody we know has pretty much jumped in and loved it! The beginning of Lancashire Gaming was in my basement with no models to speak of and boxes of tissues for terrain. It was amazing!

Our goal is to spread this hobby through the area, there are so many people that would just love to involved in something like this. The pride of modeling and painting, the thrill of victory, and the fulfilling social interaction are all part of what makes 40k and our club awesome.

So there you have it! I just love this hobby!

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