Friday, April 30, 2010

40k Friday! Vengeance in the Encratis Sector - Ahriman's Renegades (Chaos Space Marines) vs Disciples of Caliban (Dark Angels)

In the previous engagment on the moon of Encratis IV the hated Disciples of Caliban stole ancient tomes from the clutches of Ahriman and his disciple, Lord Moros. It gave Moros great joy now that the forces of the Thousand Sons had finally caught up to the thieves as they attempted to board their Thunderhawks and make for their Cruisers in orbit.

Now was the time to retake what was rightfully his and take one step closer to understanding the webway. Ahriman could feel the power of the warp flowing through him. He grasped onto the strings of the future and foresaw victory. As the Land Raider and Rhinos of the Renegades approached the outskirts of the landing zone Ravenwing scanners alerted the Disciples of hostile forces. They deployed to ambush Ahriman and Lord Moros, but little did they know, that Ahriman could read their thoughts and see their plans, plans that would fail.

As the shining blue and gold vehicles drove confidently into the ruins of a long forgotten city, the Dark Angels attacked! The ravenwing burst from cover, dust and rocks spewing from their tires and firing bolters and meltas at Ahriman's Land Raider. Scouts squads bearing rocket launchers and Lascannon fire from concealed Predators streaked through the air. Inside the armored shell of the Land Raider Moros could see the calm in his master. The voice of Ahriman could be heard in the heads of the drivers, they avoided the fusillade of fire to the Disciples amazement. Ahriman could see where the shots would land before they were even fired, truly, this day the warp was strong with them!

Adso, commander of the deathwing terminators of the Disciples of Caliban teleported into the path of the land raider, taunting it. Ahriman obliged, the assault ramp lowered and Ahriman unleashed his powers. Moros and the Sekhmet terminators that accompanied them charged with all the strength they could muster to keep pace with their lord. Sorcerer Qoheleth and his rubric marines poured out of their Rhino forming a wall of sorcerous bolter fire. The ravenwing bikers fell to the withering barrage of inferno bolts and warp energy from Ahriman. Ahriman and his retinue charged the hill that Adso so boastfully held! Frag grenades exploded as Ahriman fell upon the terminator guard of Adso. Every swipe of their lightning claws was telegraphed and avoided as if Ahriman has fought this fight a thousand times already. They were no match for him as his force weapon melted through their armor as if it were made of wax. Moros locked weapons with Adso in defense of his lord. The power of the warp flowed through him, it seemed as if Adso was moving as slow as a training servitor. Moros parried his claws aside and finding a weak spot under his shoulder armor unloaded a bolter round deep into Adso. Their eyes met, an instant later the shell exploded along with Adso's left arm.

After the fall of their leader the remaining Space Marines lost their will to fight, it was clear there was some unseen force at play here. All of their shots failed to find their marks. Vailiantly they fought, but it was of no use. This day the forces of Ahriman were victorious! From the bloodstained corpse of Adso Ahriman secured the stolen texts. One would think he would be filled with pride at the glorious victory, but he was stoic, he had already foreseen this outcome.


Awesome match Brother C. !

In this annihilation game, Brother C. went first, but from the very first turn we could all see how this was going to turn out. All his shots failed to even glace me. He did manage to knock out my Defiler in the first turn (but what else is new). I am considering getting rid of it in favor for something else. It just never performs well.

The dice really won this match for me, but the power of my hq squad really is something to be feared. He did manage to kill them off, but only because Ahriman failed 3..... 3! psychic tests in a row resulting in 2 wounds and his death. The rubric squads really held their ground, as they always do with their 4++ saves. I really need to take melta bombs on them.

I did learn a lot from this match and I realized a ton of things I can trim and change that will help me streamline my game.

It was a fun match tho! Good times!

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  1. it well a well fought match. the dice gods favored the well painted and modeled army of the tsons that day. But I refuse to blame it all on bad rolling, to which there was plenty. but it takes away from Moros' strategy and well fought match. He stuck to his guns, kept his formations tight and plowed ahead.

    I also did not play a very sound match. Annihilation matches are not something we play very often, we almost always seem to have capture and control. Thus, I was ill prepared for dealing with unit loss management. I went in guns blazing as normal and it was not the right choice for the battle at hand. With superior long ranged fire power, I had the ability to let you come to me, protecting my priority targets with the terms and bikes. I needed you to come into my ambush, but instead I ran face first into his. Simple enough, I don't believe this match was lost to a conglomerate of little mistakes and decisions, just one big overall strategy that was just inappropriate for the game. It was a really good learning tool.

    Something which still needs touched on is that bastard 4+ invuln on all the tsons units. There is no greater ability more suited for annihilation matches than that. I have to waste so many resources trying to mop on one kill point from one troop choice that Moros' term command squad has the ability to wolfpack the fights. It is a sound strat for him and a difficult one to defend against for me.

    well fought, Id like to play again and try some different battle formations. We talked briefly afterwards about them, but I think there is a lot to explore.

    for all you new players out there, I cannot recommend enough the worth in talking after a match about what worked and didn't work with the other player.