Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Possible Blog logo

I recently bought a screen printing kit and I think we are due for some club gear. I spent some time working on possible logos and stuff like that and here's the one I picked to draw up in Illustrator. I hope you guys like it and that it's not too offensive. The actual image looks much crisper than this one I just mocked this up in word.

I reworked the logo tell me what you guys think of this one. I was thinking about possibly giving the tank more horse and buggy-esque wheels. I know that this is less controversial than my previous one. Post comments on what you think about it.


  1. haha i like it! but i was thinking the same thing about the offensive part... those Amish are gonna get plastered in that buggy!

    I will try to get together with brother C and work on one of our own too! Keep up the good work!

  2. I get what your saying... and in all honesty I wanted the tank facing forward but then you loose all detail on the tank. if the tank was turned around it wouldn't be as menacing. all that said I kinda like it as is. The point of an ad or even T-shirt would be to get people's attention and make them ask what the shirt or as is about. But.... they could also just think that we hate Amish people.

    Anyone know what else we could or try to use to "represent" our club. I personally associate the Amish and farm land with Lancaster county.

  3. I think the concept of a rural farming community is not only appropriate, but the right approach for the shirt design.

    As Moros has said, I don't feel the need to have one all-encompassing design at this stage in the game. Do we all really need to have the same logo on the same colored shirt? Have we really reached that level of dorkdom?

    hopefully not...... yet

    either way, lets see what other designs members come out with, but I encourage you to further refine your design Forsaken.

    here are my 2 non.sense worth.
    1. remove the buggy. its just bad taste. we don't want to be showing images of tanks shooting the amish. You can still have a buggy and a tank in the same design, but maybe come up with a better representation.
    2. clean up the farm house, silo, and windmill a bit. they are a little disproportionate and maybe its just me, but some of the lines do not look exactly straight.
    3. anyway you can get a guy sticking his head out of the hatch of the tank, a commander per se, maybe with an arm out stretched like he is telling the tank where to go? I dunno, seems appropriate for the design.

    great work so far, I'm glad someone finally got this discussion out in the open.

    and for Agni - you can choose your own color shirt. it doesn't have to be yellow. I'm sure the process is the same for a blue, green, or purple shirt as it would be for yellow. so... there you go.

  4. Forsaken -

    I do like the second one alot. its simple. and that's what we need. I think it looks a little squished. I really like the proportions of the tank in the first image, but I love the concept of the second. again, lets not get stuck to simply one design. I think we have alot of freedom here to explore many different designs instead of having say.. an 'official logo'

    great work man,

    keep it up.

  5. Yeah! I really like the second one better! HAHA that's one hard workin donkey!