Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grey Knights next marine codex?

I saw this article over at BOLS. Its about the rumored marine codex that is supposed to hit the scene in the late fall.

Looks like the Dark Angels are outta luck until spring next year. Tzeentch has foreseen much crying from brother C in the near future.


  1. honestly, I think this comes as a surprise to many players. Inquisitors were thought to be phasing out in this round of new codex. but.... the tides have turned.

    There were alot of rumors about the Dark Angels getting a stormraven, and I hope this quells much of that talk. I do not want a gigantic flying transport.

    I just wish they could release global upgrades. say.. all tactical space marines plasma gun upgrade now costs 10 instead of 15 points. then all armies will be on the same page. Or.. we can have ultramarines with twice the amount of units because their units cost half of others.

    All in all, I'm a little sad about no new codex this year for the Disciples of Caliban, but I think GW is cooking up something epic with these final books. think about it, Dark Angels have always had a controversial relationship with Chaos, ever since was happened to their primarch Lion El'Jonson. And GW has not released 5th edition chaos codices... connections? only time will tell.

  2. Moros wanty 5th edition Chaos codex!

    Even tho your ramblings are rampant speculation, I like your rampant speculation!

    I am really impressed thus far with the quality of the dexs that have come out. So, I think I agree with you, waiting isn't a bad thing. The longer you wait, the better your codex will be its looking like.