Monday, April 26, 2010

Cain and Abel: Service in His shadow review

I was thinking about writing some back story for my army and thought I should do a little reading up on fan fiction for Warhammer 40k. let me just say that The story of commissar Abel told from her point of view through a journal, is by far the best piece of Fan written literature I have EVER read. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking into some fan based works.

I'm only up to the 8th of 21 chapters and I'm already completely and fully engrossed. The story follows Abel on her way to becoming a great Commissar and war hero. The story allows you to experience life in the imperial guard from a way I thought impossible. Abel's tale is one of both intrigue and war, action and passion ( and it's not raunchy either). The action is there and the strategic planing is exceptional while neither is dull or too graphic.    

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