Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terminator Champions!

Finished them! Here are 3 of my Tzeentch Terminators that are the body guard of Ahriman for my army. They all have combi-meltas and powerfists. One is also carrying the Icon of Tzeentch!

Hope you guys like them, I still have lots of work to do on all my models, including these. I wanna get them looking more weathered like they were in battles. But my skills only take me so far. Learned a lot making these three.

I think they turned out pretty great!

Comments and critiques welcome!


  1. Moros I think you may just be the greatest painter who ever lived! seriously these look amazing. I would suggest doing something to the chains though, it may just be the picture but they look like a flat silver. Can't wait to see your finished army. I wish I knew if new necron models were coming out soon. Anyway Great work Moros, your terminator champions will surely strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

  2. Thanks Forsaken! Yeah the chains don't look as flat in real life. I'm nowhere near the best painter ever tho! Still got tons to learn.

    Honestly man, you can buy models now. It's going to be a long time until new necrons come out. And even then, the current models will still work with the new ones. They probably won't replace your stuff, just add to it.

  3. yeah, these models are beast. they really are fantastic. I wish you would have talked a little bit about some of the minor conversions you did for them in the original post. I agree with you Forsaken, Moros is semi-pro at painting. I think you should post some basic painting tutorials for everyone, we could make a section on the nav bar for painting tutorials so that everyone could reference if desired.

    Can't wait to see this group on the board on may 8th!

  4. I am far from pro, but if you want, check out the post about how I made Lord Moros, I think it was in the March section. It is the same exact process.

  5. Very cool looking Terminator Champions, I like the little touches like the horns and the use of the same helmet on all of them, a nice unifying touch.

    How did you go about painting the deep blue on the armour if I may be so bold?

  6. Thanks very much Vredesbyrd!

    It was very simple actually, its a dry brushed basecoat of Mordian Blue, then a lighter drybrush of Ultramarines blue. And to finish it up a decent wash of asurmen blue. I come back with line highlights of Ultramarines blue after that.

    Very simple, but the wash gives it a nice deep blue and makes it look smooth and shiny.

    I want to come back eventually and do some weathering, but gotta finish the army first!

    I am working on a Rhino right now!

  7. That does sound nice and easy. I shall have to give it a go when next I paint dark blue. Thanks!